Victoria Featherlight – 2 Chest Patches For Wrinkles Prevention, Made of Medical Grade Silicone


About the Product

  • Set Of 2 Pads Made Of 100% Medical Grade Silicone
  • Designed To Correct And Prevent Chest Wrinkles Caused By Sun Damage, Natural Ageing And Sleeping On Your Side
  • Does Not Contain Allergy Causing Latex Or Urethanes
  • Washable And Reusable


I am getting older, getting wrinkles in the decollete area and needed some help. I was able to get this Victoria Featherlight 2 Chest Patches for wrinkle protection. First off when I received this package, I noticed it came in a cute heart shape box, the 2 pads were wrapped in plastic. I took off the plastic shield and put it on my chest. I left it on for over an hour and when I took it off, the area was felt softer. I then followed the instructions and gently washed the chest patch with soap with no moisturizer in it. and laid it out to dry. The next day it was still nice and sticky, and I did it again. I have been doing this for about a week now and I can tell it is helping. This will help with the wrinkles and the sun damage on my chest. I am very happy with this product and receive it free for an honest review. I really do think this is well made, easy to use and will help with the damage done from the sun and wrinkles. I am really impressed with how this works, I mean the wrinkles on my chest are almost gone. I never thought that sleeping on my side would cause the wrinkles and using these patches seem to really help. I am so impressed with it.

Product description

Having trouble flattening those wrinkles on your chest area? We welcome you to join thousands of happy customers and bring that tight skin back to life! Introducing the new Victoria Featherlight Chest Patch. We do not compromise on quality, neither should you. However, we do love returning customers which form our happy family of satisfied customers. That’s why each of these patches are crafted to perfection. The patch stretches the skin and keeps it firm while you sleep. By drawing the natural skin moisture, the technique heals scars by hydrating the skin’s surface. This process helps prevent new wrinkles and reduces the ones that already exist. But that’s not all! The patch creates increased blood flow which enables the skin to produce more of that luscious natural collagen, resulting in improved skin tone, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. The patch is 100% medical grade silicone. Silicone has no sticking abilities and that’s why every Chest Patch has adhesive on one side to keep it in place with, no matter how much you move and twist. Contrary to what is available on the market, our patch actually stick for multiple uses! We have researched and tested our product to make sure you receive patches that truly stick for 30-60 uses, if used according to the instructions. Worried about the size? The patch is designed based on an average to fit everybody with any breast and chest size. There are no allergy causing additives used. We do not compromise on quality, neither should you. Order now while it’s still in stock with our introductory sale price!

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