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About Tales of Enchantment

Genre: Fantasy Romance, Fairy Tale Retelling

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Book One: Red and the Huntsman

Red has turned eighteen, yet her mother (and everyone else) persists in seeing her as a little girl. She doesn’t know if it is because of her petite stature or something else.

When the man she is attracted to doesn’t see her as a woman, it’s the last straw. She will show them that she’s all grown up, and woman enough for her man.

Book Two: The Question of Royalty

A lush, sensual, wet beauty arrives at his hunting lodge, seeking shelter from the ferocious storm. She claims to be a princess, but so many things about her don’t add up. Despite his intense attraction to her, Frederick can’t help but be suspicious.

Serena is running from a terrible fate, and she has no wish to linger, even when one look from her host makes her feel things she’s never felt before. Not to mention the touch of his hands, his lips… Fires burn hot and bright between them, despite the questions in his eyes, questions she cannot answer.

Unbeknownst to them, villainous forces are at work, seeking to keep them apart. Will Frederick be forced to let her go, especially if she can’t answer The Question of Royalty?

Book Three: The Quest

Giselda of Mithirien is a fake, and she knows it. When Prince Michael of Ermont offers for her hand, she’s overjoyed. Michael can give her everything her heart desires–wealth, security, status. So why is she attracted to Rodin, son of the palace gardener?

Rodin knows he’s nothing and no one in Giselda’s eyes, but he can’t help hungering for her. Brought together by a desperate mission, Rodin can’t resist awakening his princess to the sensual arts. Much as he loves her luscious body, he wants her heart even more.

Their desperate quest is fraught with peril–from monstrous beasts and rough terrain to the wild longings and forbidden hopes of their unsuspecting hearts. It may bring them destruction…or their greatest prize.

Excerpt from The Quest:


“What do you call your horse?” Giselda asked.

Rodin shrugged. “Horse.”

“He doesn’t have a name?”


“Why not?”

“Why should he?”

“Well …” She gestured helplessly. “My horse has a name. Randalin.”

“So, because the princess’s horse has a name, every horse in the kingdom should have one,” he mocked.

“No, it isn’t like that at all! I just think giving them a name defines their personality, making them more real, more vivid. ‘Horse’ sounds so … general and pathetic.”

“I don’t see the need to give them names. Before I could even remember its name, it will be gone, replaced by a newer, more powerful horse. Do you know how many horses I’ve gone through in the past year? This is the eighth.”

“But why?” Giselda was confused. “I thought seasoned warriors had their own horses, which is especially useful during battle because by a touch or a nudge, the horse would know what its rider wants and –”

“You said it yourself: ‘during battles.’ We haven’t been embroiled in a battle for years, not that I wish for one. It’s just that … I’m good with horses, so I help train those with potential to become better warhorses.”

She looked over at him in wonder and understanding. “So that’s why Frederick came up with the idea of a horse ranch, and for you to help him manage it.”

“Partly correct.” A small smile played about his lips. “Only, I was the one who thought up the idea.”

“How perfect! See, that’s why you should start naming your horses. If you do, the horses that you breed will not become nameless. Someday, they might even have their own place in history.” Giselda’s eyes were shining as her thoughts jumped ahead to history books written several generations down the road. “Like, Starlight was responsible for saving the life of its rider, Prince Whatever, with its speed and agility. Or, Lifesaver knocked down an enemy who was about to thrust a sword into its rider. What about –”

Rodin was laughing uncontrollably. “Giselda, you’re priceless.”

“I’m glad you agree. So, what do you want to name your horse?”


“Nothing? How plain. Let me think of a good name for you. How about … Flower?”

“For a warhorse? Get serious.”

“Fighting Spirit?”

“Too long.”


“Has potential.”

“Why are you guys so typical? You only like manly names.”

“You’re naming a warhorse, Giselda, not a gentle mare or a pony.”

Save 57%!
Tales of Enchantment is now available for only $2.99

(Originally $6.97 to get all three books individually)
Get it now!



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Save 57%!
Tales of Enchantment is now available for only $2.99
(Originally $6.97 to get all three books individually)
Get it now at Amazon.com

About Kai Andersen

Kai Andersen has always loved books. Ever since she could remember, stories have always fascinated her. She loves heroes and heroines with whom she can identify with, i.e. characters who are flawed, who have their own sets of strengths and weaknesses, who find love and passion in each other’s arms. So, these are the kinds of stories she writes. Or hope to write.

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