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Book Title: Mastered By My Guardian
Author: Opal Carew
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: Sep 22, 2015
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Book Blurb

Chelsea spent the past ten years rebelling against Zane¹s control. When their parents died, he became her guardian, controlling her trust fund and the company they shared. But hating the control he exerted on her did nothing to stop her from wanting him.

When she refuses to obey his summons for a weekend meeting, he cuts off her money, leaving her in a strange city with no way to pay her hotel bill. Forced to accept his help and join him at his country house, she soon discovers his intention is not strictly business. When she experiences his potent masculine domination she finds the reality of being with Zane far exceeds her fantasiesŠ leaving her wanting more.

But can she surrender to this forbidden love and be mastered by her guardian?


Chelsea opened her eyes to the close-up view of a strong masculine jaw, heavily shadowed with morning stubble. She seemed to be wrapped around the owner of that jaw, her arm snuggly around his waist and her leg curled around his thigh. His hard, muscular thigh.

God, how had she wound up in Zane’s bed?

Staving off the panic, she decided to slowly pull away without waking him, then she’d slink out before he knew—

The arm she was lying on tightened around her shoulders.

“Are you awake?” she whispered.

“As a matter of fact, I am.”

Damn. She’d hoped his arm tightening around her was just a reflex and she could still escape.

She tried to roll away but his arm was like a steel band holding her in place. Then he rolled toward her, causing all kinds of wild sensations to flicker through her.

Now they were facing each other on the pillow and her heart stuttered.

Oh, God, so many times she’d dreamed of this, but now faced with the reality… Knowing the tensions between them…

Then the memory of last night, when he’d mentioned something about their roles changing…

“I don’t understand,” she stammered. “I don’t know how I wound up… here.”

God, she was in his bed. And it was his bed, not hers, with the forest green sheets and the navy and green patterned duvet. It was a huge, king-sized bed. Big enough for his huge, king-sized body. A tall, masculine muscle-bound body.

“You climbed in here in the middle of the night.” The light dancing in his eyes made her wonder what else she’d done in the middle of the night.

“We didn’t…” Her throat closed up and she sucked in a breath. “I mean… nothing happened did it?”

He arched an eyebrow. “You mean you don’t remember?”

Blood rushed to her cheeks and her eyes grew wide.

“Oh, God. No. We didn’t.” Her heart pounded in her chest.

His clear blue eyes grew serious.

“Don’t worry. Nothing happened. But…”—he stroked a finger lightly across her cheek, sending her insides fluttering—“would it really be so bad if it had?”

Relief rushed through her, but his blue eyes held her mesmerized.

“I… uh… It’s just that…” Oh, God, she didn’t know where to go with this.

Then suddenly his mouth was on hers. His firm, full lips coaxing. He drew her closer and the feel of his body the length of hers, his tongue nudging at her lips, sent her pulse skyrocketing. She opened and he glided inside. She melted against his solid body as their tongues entwined, his mouth moving on hers in a passionate play of power where he was totally in control.

And she was loving it.

Meet the Author

As a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of erotic contemporary romance, Opal Carew writes about passion, love, and taking risks. Her heroines follow their hearts and push past the fear that stops them from realizing their dreams… to the excitement and love of happily-ever-after.

Opal loves crystals, dragons, feathers, cats, pink hair, the occult, Manga artwork, Zentangle, and all that glitters. She earned a degree in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, and spent 15 years as a software analyst before turning to her passion as a writer. She grew up in Toronto, and now lives in Ottawa with her husband and three cats. One of her sons just finished a Masters degree at Sussex University in the UK and is now pursuing a second Masters at Carleton University in Ottawa. The other son just finished his undergraduate degree at Carleton University. Yes, mom is proud!

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I love this quote, Diana
“I’m wondering what to read next.” — Matilda, Roald Dahl

Book Review: THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT by Katie Rose #Giveaway @Tastybooktours @Katieroseauthor

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The Boys of Summer #3
Katie Rose
Releasing Sept 22nd, 2015

The Boys of Summer are back! In Katie Rose’s sweet, sparkling novel, the newest New Jersey Sonic falls for the woman who’s trying desperately to save his career.


Physical therapist Jessica Hart has learned her lesson: Never date professional athletes. She’s been down that road, and barely recovered after the relationship crashed and burned. Then Jessica meets Gavin King. An All-Star slugger with chiseled good looks, Gavin was traded to the Sonics because he hurt his knee sliding into second, and now his future is in her hands. Gavin’s no bad boy—but he’s tempting enough to make Jessica think twice about all her rules.

Gavin is trying to find a comfortable routine. If he wants his old life back, he must take it easy, stay out of the limelight, and keep his distance from gorgeous redheaded physical therapists. The thing is, Gavin isn’t the kind of guy to sit on his ass and let other people pull his weight. And when he sees something he wants, he can’t help but fight for it, even if it means risking everything, even if it only lasts a single moment: like one kiss from Jessica.


The chatter in the Sonics locker room intensified as the opening-day excitement seemed to cast a spell over the place. Familiar faces appeared at the door along with an influx of new ones, rookies hoping for a permanent role in the rotation and prospects acquired in recent trades. There was much good-natured jostling and ribbing as the baseball team settled in for the season.

“What was with that bonehead play last week against Detroit?” Jimmy Reilly said as he put away a stack of towels. “Good thing it was just spring training.”

“Yeah, that was right up there with those girl balls you were pitching.” Brian McCauley grinned.

“You see the papers?” Jimmy asked, his brow lifting. “They were praising my fastball. The Trenton Times can’t say enough nice things about us. Imagine that, after last year when they were calling us the Garden State Goons!”

“You can thank his girlfriend, Nikki Case, for that,” Chase Westbrook, the starting pitcher, said, pointing to shortstop Jake Baldwin. “Best damn PR rep in the business.”

“You’re not going to get an argument out of me,” Jake said as he kicked his locker door closed. “She cleaned up our image, got rid of the haircuts, the tats, the bar fights. Have to admit, her plan worked. I hate it when she’s right.”

Chase laughed just as Pete Johnston, the Sonics’ manager, walked in with a new player. By the deferential way he was being treated, it was clear the new guy was someone important. The noise in the locker room subsided as recognition came quickly, and more than one mouth dropped as they identified the California slugger.

“Hey, boys,” Pete said in his folksy way, chomping on a wad of bubblegum. “We got ourselves a new first baseman. I know you’ll all welcome Gavin King to the Sonics.”

Their new teammate stood beside Pete like exhibit A. At six foot five, with black hair, chin scruff, and a build that went with his size, he had an undeniable presence. Even more irritating, he was good-looking, with a pair of intense dark eyes, a firm chin, and a sensual mouth. He’d been considered a star player, and rumor had it that among his other attributes, he was considered irresistible to the female fans.

But worst of all, every man who had been with the team the previous summer could only remember that devastating game when Antonio Chavez, the Sonics reliever, lobbed a curveball right over the middle of the plate and Gavin tattooed it, sending it four hundred feet over the bullpen wall to lose the game.

It still stung.

“Now we all know it was Gavin’s grand slam that kept us out of the series last year,” Pete continued, as if reading their minds. “That’s all the more reason we want him on our team. We need to fill Ryan’s cleanup spot, and he is just the guy Jeffrey thinks will do that.”

Several of the men groaned, but they were not about to challenge the manager, or Jeffrey Caine, the general manager. Yet none of them were happy to see their adversary being led to the nicest locker in the room. Pete opened the door, tossed out Jake’s belongings, and displayed the generous storage inside, a pile of fluffy towels, and a pair of shower shoes.

“Chase, why don’t you show him around, you know, make him feel at home? And Brian, once Gavin’s ready to play, I’m going to change the lineup, move you down and put Gavin behind Jake in the rotation. Any questions?”


“Good. Meet you all outside in fifteen for batting practice and drills. We want to keep up all the good work we started last year. Gavin, I’ll let them fill you in.”

Chase did an eye roll, but otherwise complied. As the pitcher led him out of the room, they noticed that the new player walked with a limp.

“Great,” Brian said in disgust once he was out of earshot. “On top of everything else, he’s a gimp.”

When he returned with Chase after a tour that took all of fifteen minutes, Gavin turned innocently to Jake. “So where is the concierge?”

“The what?”

“The concierge. You know, the person that orders stuff for us. I was thinking to get a salad for lunch.”

Jake’s eyes met Cody’s, and he fought the humor that threatened to burst out of control.

“We don’t exactly have a concierge,” he said seriously. “But we do have a snack stand. I’m sure if you asked real nice, they could find something for you.”

A couple of the men broke into laughter. “I guess this will take some getting used to,” Gavin said, glancing outside. Even though it was April, there was a coating of frost on the ground. He visibly shuddered. “This sure isn’t California.”

“You can say that again.” Cody grinned. “Welcome to Joisey.



My Review:

The Heat of the Moment (The Boys of Summer #3) by Katie Rose
The Boys of Summer are back! In Katie Rose’s sweet, sparkling novel, the newest New Jersey Sonic falls for the woman who’s trying desperately to save his career.


This is the first book of the series and from this author I have read. I enjoyed this story of Gavin King, who is a professional baseball playing, working on healing after a knee surgery. He is transferred to the New Jersey Sonics. Gavin is not happy with the trade, he didn’t want to leave California, he grew up there, his life was there and now he had to move to New Jersey. Plus he is on the DL (Disable List) till he heals from surgery.

Jessica Hart is through with Baseball players, she is the Physical Therapist for the Sonics and is in charge of Gavin recover. She is the sister to 5 sports minded brothers and she thinks she knows men. She had a bad break up with a baseball player from another team and just doesn’t want to get into a relationship.

Gavin has other ideas, he thought she was gorgeous. But she knew he had dated models and she didn’t think of herself that way. Jessica’s ex wanted to talk to her and she said ok and he came to the physical therapy room and it did not go well at all, after she finally got him out of there, she locked the door and was just so mad. Someone knocked on the door and she grabbed a weight in case he came back but it was Gavin. Well let me just say it was hot!! The title of the book, The Heat of the Moment, is spot on!! I thought the author did an awesome job with that little bit.

I will have to say I personally loved reading this story. I love baseball, and loved how this story went and how it developed. I definitely liked both of them. I thought Gavin seemed more mature for his age and really tried to think things out and Jessica needed to come out of her shell and be the woman that she is. I enjoy this story and have only good things to say, I really like the way Katie Rose writes and can’t wait to read more of her books.

This book was provided to me by Tasty book Tours and Negalley.

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Award-winning historical author Katie
Rose makes her contemporary debut with the Boys of Summer novels, Bring on the
Heat and Too Hot to Handle, which combine Katie’s true loves: baseball and
romance! When not watching baseball, Katie is at her lake house in New Jersey,
hard at work on her next book.

I love this quote, Diana
“I’m wondering what to read next.” — Matilda, Roald Dahl

Cover Reveal: DREAMS OF HER OWN By Rebecca Heflin #Giveaway @TastyBookTours @RebeccaHeflin


Dreams Come True #3
Rebecca Heflin
Releasing November 2015
Soul Mate Publishing, LLC


Can even the unlikeliest of dreams come true?
sees a spinsterish misfit.

If the Guinness Book of World Records had a category for the world’s most
boring life, Millie Stephens knows she would hold the record. After the plain,
strait-laced personal assistant is saved by a total stranger from becoming New
York City’s latest traffic fatality, she has a disheartening epiphany: her
life’s highlight reel didn’t exist. Determined to step out of the shadows and
take a walk on the wild side, she starts Millie-style – by making a list.
She sees a stereotypical thug.

That total stranger, bad boy Ian Brand, is more than the sum of his parts.
Beneath that sexy, tattooed exterior is a man with a painful past who’s
desperate to both hide and overcome his disability in the pursuit of his
dreams. But his decision to bid on a large construction project could both lead
to his downfall and reveal his secret.

Will Millie and Ian look beneath the surface and see there’s more to each other
than meets the eye?

If the
Guinness Book of World Records had a category for the world’s most boring life,
Millie Stephens knew she would hold the record.
Bundled up in her brown wool coat against the chill of a New York fall, she
hurried down the Brooklyn sidewalk to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription
for her boss.

As personal assistant for best-selling romance author, Darcy Butler-Ryan,
Millie kept her calendar, edited her manuscripts, handled her social media, and
through her agent, Gloria Madison, scheduled her public appearances, among
other duties. Since Darcy had become pregnant, Millie had also taken it upon herself
to run errands and generally oversee Darcy’s health and well-being.

Thus, the trip to the pharmacy for Darcy’s anti-nausea medication.

She consulted the day’s to-do list to see what other errands were on it. Lists
were her life. They provided organization, structure, and a sense of
accomplishment. She loved ticking things off her list so much that if she
accomplished something that wasn’t on the list, she’d write it down just so she
could have the pleasure of marking it off.

She had a list for everything. Errands. Tasks. Books to be read. Special dates
to remember. If something needed doing, she had a list for it, all
appropriately categorized, of course. Shoving her errand list into her coat
pocket, she stopped at the corner and waited for the walk signal. As soon as
the light changed, she stepped out into the pedestrian crosswalk, anxious to
get to the pharmacy and out of the cold. She glanced to her left and froze, as
a delivery truck barreled down the street as if the red light meant nothing. And
as if she truly were invisible.

Fear stole her ability to move and she scrunched her eyes closed hoping death
would at least be quick. She strived for invisibility, but now she’d give
anything to stand out.

Next thing she knew she was yanked from behind and hauled up against a hard
object, bands of steel around her waist, her feet dangling in the air.

“Are you okay?” a gruff male voice asked, his breath warm in her ear.

She nodded, unsure if she could do any more than that.

“I’m going to set you back on your feet. Do you think you can stand?”

Nodding again, she realized the hard object at her back was a man’s chest, and
the steel bands were his arms. She slid down his body and felt the sidewalk
beneath her feet. A wave of dizziness washed over her.

“Breathe,” her rescuer encouraged. He turned her to face him, his hands on her
shoulders, and she looked up and into eyes the color of a winter-gray sky,
earnest with concern. His already tousled sandy blond hair ruffled in the wind
whipping around the corner, and his chin bore the stubble so many women were
fond of.

She inhaled deeply, drawing in the scent of something spicy and leathery.

She nodded, still speechless.

“You should always wait after the signal changes before you cross a street.
I’ve got an appointment. You’re sure you’re okay?”

She nodded.

“Be more careful next time,” the stranger in the leather jacket said before he
turned to walk away.

Millie managed to put one foot in front of the other for another block before
coming to a bus stop and collapsing onto the bench. Her legs shook, her hands
quivered, and she struggled to take in a deep breath. All she could think about
was how your life was supposed to flash before your eyes when confronted with a
near-death experience, and hers . . . didn’t. Instead it was like a film
projector that had run out of film – just a blank screen.
What did that mean?

It meant, Millicent Grace Stephens, that your life has been so boring that the
highlight reel was nonexistent. Her thirtieth birthday was right around the
corner, and what had she accomplished with her life?

Not much, that’s what.

Sure, she had a bachelor’s in literature, summa cum laude, with a focus on the
Middle Ages from Sarah Lawrence College. She had a job she loved. And she could
support herself. Other than that, she might as well have become a nun for all
the excitement her life held.

She recalled the hard strength of her rescuer’s chest against her back. The
rough and tumble look of him. She’d bet her first edition autographed copy of
Edith Wharton’s Age of Innocence, that his life wasn’t boring. That if he had a
near-death experience he’d have a highlight reel worthy of an action

Rising on still-wobbly legs, she drew in a long, slow breath, and resumed her
errand in an I-almost-died daze.


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Heflin is an award-winning author who has dreamed of writing romantic fiction
since she was fifteen and her older sister snuck a copy of Kathleen Woodiwiss’
Shanna to her and told her to read it. Rebecca writes women’s fiction and
contemporary romance. When not passionately pursuing her dream, Rebecca is busy
with her day-job as a practicing attorney.
Rebecca is a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), Florida Romance
Writers, RWA Contemporary Romance, and Florida Writers Association. She and her
mountain-climbing husband live at sea level in sunny Florida.


Website | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads


I love this quote, Diana
“I’m wondering what to read next.” — Matilda, Roald Dahl

Book Review: The CEO By Shealy James @ShealyJames @BookEnthuPromo




The CEO Front Cover

Book Title: The CEO (The Game Changer)
Author: Shealy James
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 18, 2015
Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions

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Book Blurb

Eve Bryant finds herself moving across the country with only one goal—to rediscover herself and get her life back on track…

Leaving a disastrous marriage, she swears off men and relationships, but when she meets sexy, charismatic Grant Mitchell, her new rules fly right out the window.

Grant is a born and bred businessman, and he always gets what he wants…

The moment he lays eyes on Eve, Grant is determined she will be his. She’s different from other women he knows—too stiff, too prim—but her smile pierces his heart and he longs to see what she’s like when she lets her hair down. They discover a powerful and undeniable connection, leading to a fast moving relationship that leaves Eve whirling in its wake.

The odds are stacked against them, and trust is hard to come by.

A woman scorned, a troubled ex-husband, and a mother bent on orchestrating her son’s future to suit her own agenda make for a very rocky road. The new couple may not last, no matter how strong their feelings for each other are. Grant is willing to fight to keep Eve in his life, but after recent events, Eve isn’t sure she has any fight left to give.

Will outside forces drive Eve and Grant apart? Or will they learn there’s no love greater than the one you fight the hardest to keep?


“Have you been listening to anything I have said to you? I would move mountains to be with you, to make you happy. Baby, I felt you that first time I met you. I felt you from across the room. There is no doubt in my mind you were made for me. You make me feel for the first time ever. I lose my breath when you walk in a room. When you opened the door downstairs, I literally couldn’t breath after not seeing you for two days. You make me laugh, and you make me crazy. There is no one else in the world who does what you do to me, and I know a lot of women.”


“I’m just kidding about the other women.”

“No you aren’t,” I pouted.

He took my bottom lip between his teeth. “No woman has ever made my heart beat as fast as you do. I had never felt butterflies until I met you. I don’t know what else to do to prove I am totally, without a doubt, head over heels in love with you.” He kissed me again. “I’m out of words, Eve. I’ve told you over and over how I feel. I have chased you all over Seattle and now across the country. What else can I do?”

I ran my finger across the worry lines on his forehead and looked into his worried eyes that were his usual mix of colors. “There isn’t anything else you could do to show me that you love me. I never doubted our feelings for each other. When it is just the two of us like this, I forget about everything else in my life. This is happiness right here, but unfortunately we can’t spend all day everyday like this. The outside world has a way of creeping in, and for whatever reason, I’m still so weak. Knowing what you were willing to risk for me makes me want to try harder though. Knowing you think I’m worth all of that makes me kind of believe it too. You are a wonderful man, and I’m just the lucky one who happens to own the heart that was meant to connect with yours.”



<<I just want to say that I love reading and this story is so so fairy-tale type and I love it.  There are some sex, but just that they are having sex, no details, not erotica, just normal happy type that people do when they are in love. There are some cuss words but just a few. I do love these types of books because it has a story. This story made me laugh, get mad, cry and then laugh again. That is sometimes what I need and this book was a great book to read this weekend. I just want the author Shealy James to know that this is the type of story that can make a dull boring, not feeling good into a nice happy weekend. Thank you. >>

This story is about a woman scorned, Eve Bryant, she left her bad marriage, her family and friends and move across country to start a new life as an event planner. She was offered this job from her college Sorority sister Tara. While working she meets an incredible hot man. Grant Mitchell. Eve is not looking for any relationships at this time. She wants her divorce to be final and to work at her new job and learn about her new city, no time for men.

Well, Grant fell for her right off the bat, no one has ever told him no before. And so he doesn’t like rejection. He has never met a woman like her before, someone who didn’t want his money.  He was determined to at least go out with her. He really cared about her.

I really loved this story, I loved reading about it, I loved that Eve wouldn’t give into Grant, she wanted to be her own person. The author made her a character very interesting, and yet let her developed into who Eve is. I felt the same way with Grant, he didn’t give up, they both had other issues in their lives going on but it took time to learn how to deal with the issues. It took the whole story which was awesome.  This isn’t just some poor working class girl meets billionaire type story, this is a totally love story.  With each person knowing what they want, Grant wants Eve and Eve wants to be her own person, and to be happy.

I can’t wait to read the next story in this series. This is going to be a great series as I love all the characters and can’t wait to see how it all develops.

I want to thank the author Shealy James and for Book Enthusiast Promotions for providing me a copy to review and give my honest opinion. I love to read great stories and this one is one of them.








Meet the Author

Shealy James is a Georgia native who teaches math by day and writes romance at night. As an avid reader, expert on romantic comedy films, and lover of realistic characters who could be her best friends if only they really existed, Shealy appreciates when

humor mixes with drama to guide her imaginary friends to their happy endings. And there must always be a happy ending. Shealy openly eats enough candy to feed a small nation, drinks sweet tea by the gallon, and hopes to hit 10,000 steps each day.

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I love this quote, Diana
“I’m wondering what to read next.” — Matilda, Roald Dahl

Cover Reveal: The Artist by Shealy James #Giveaway @bookenthupromo @ShealyJames

Cover Reveal


Book Title: The Artist
Author: Shealy James
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 20, 2015
Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions

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Book Blurb


Katherine “Kitty” Peters is done doing what Daddy says…

When Kitty rebels against her wealthy father, he issues an ultimatum. She has one month to agree with his plans for a suitable marriage, or find her own way without the benefit of all he provides for her.

Taking full advantage of those precious weeks, Kitty escapes her suffocating world for a more colorful one…where she meets a tattooed maverick who captivates her with one sexy smirk.

Adam Vaughn doesn’t play by the rules…

His good looks and bad-boy persona always get him what he wants, but he’s also an artist, a painter, and deeply sensitive. Lately, however, only one thing inspires him—the stunning Kitty Peters.

Passion flares, but a family crisis might douse the flame…

Adam needs help, and Kitty’s father has connections. As the end of her month approaches, Kitty’s deal with the devil is far more complicated than simply submitting to her father’s will.

Can she walk away from the man she loves in order to save him from pain?

Even if it means living the rest of her life without him?


He hugged me closer to his chest and kissed the top of my head. “Tell me something good.”

I turned over, so I could look him in the eye. “Yeah?”

“Yeah.” His hand went to my hair, and he mindlessly ran his fingers through it.

“Your brother’s going to be okay.”

He smiled sadly. “Tell me something good and true, something I can believe without question. I need the distraction.”

“Distraction, okay…” I thought for a moment. “Your bacon is the best I’ve ever tasted.”

He cracked a smile and continued to play with my hair. “My bacon’s the only bacon you’ve tasted. Try again.”

“Okay. Hmm…” I paused. “True Blood is vampire porn.”

“Better. Keep going.”

“Unicorns are real?”

He laughed, and my heart soared because I had made that happen. “Fail.”

I leaned up on my elbows, so my nose was almost touching his. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

I watched as the distraction sank in and the warmth filled his eyes. For the first time since his phone rang that morning, he looked like my Maverick. The hand that was wrapped in my hair pulled me closer to him. “Ditto, Duchess,” he whispered just before our lips connected. He rolled us over, so he was on top of me. No more words were spoken, but in every movement, in every touch, he told me he believed me. His kiss? Yeah, that showed me just how much he felt the same. Damn.


Artist Teaser 2

Meet the Author

Shealy James is a Georgia native who teaches math by day and writes romance at night. As an avid reader, expert on romantic comedy films, and lover of realistic characters who could be her best friends if only they really existed, Shealy appreciates when humor mixes with drama to guide her imaginary friends to their happy endings. And there must always be a happy ending. Shealy openly eats enough candy to feed a small nation, drinks sweet tea by the gallon, hopes to hit 10,000 steps each day, and lives every day with her amazing daughter.


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I love this quote, Diana
“I’m wondering what to read next.” — Matilda, Roald Dahl

Sneak Peek: The Rider List by J. T. Charles @BookEnthuPromo

The riders list banner

Sneak Peek


Book Title: The Rider List
Author: J.T. Charles
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: September 28, 2015
Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions

Book Blurb


Evan: She has no idea who I really am. It’s the perfect situation. After an incident that causes me to re-evaluate my life, I’ve come here to escape the demands of my career. The last thing I expect to find is a woman who doesn’t see me through the prism of my fame. She’s that woman, the one who allows me to unleash desires I’ve suppressed for years.

Audrey: He’s gorgeous and brazenly confident. He’s exactly who I don’t need to meet at this point in my life, but I have no choice. Drawn in by his relentless seduction, I’m soon taking chances I never thought I’d take, letting go of fear and letting him over my protective wall, while having the most sensual experiences of my life.

What starts as a perfect distraction for both of us quickly becomes an entanglement of scorching hot sex, closely held secrets that could tear it all apart, and moments that will shape us for the rest of our lives.

**Due to mature content, this book is recommended for readers 18 and older.**

(This is a full-length novel with no cliff-hanger.)


The sun peaks out from behind the clouds, making a little steam rise from the wet sidewalk. This early, and already the humidity is setting in. I round the corner, beach view off to my right, the path lined with palmetto trees and knee-high beach grass in the sand.

I walk up the steps to the porch and knock on the door. As expected, there’s no answer. It wouldn’t hurt to do one walk-through of the place before he arrives, so I use my master key and go in.

Everything looks clean and perfect, the air conditioner is set at 72, drawing the humidity out of the air. There’s a welcome basket on the counter that contains nothing on his list. I consider removing it, but decide to leave it. I go upstairs and check the six rooms. Everything looks good.

If he’s staying by himself, he’ll surely be using the master bedroom, so I go back downstairs.

The blinds are closed, so I walk around to the other side of the bed to open them and almost trip over a set of bags.

“Hello.” The voice behind me is low and smooth.

I turn and see a man dressed in blue shorts. His white t-shirt is off but it’s slung over his left shoulder. He’s wearing a baseball cap, but I don’t know what the insignia on it means. His shoulders and chest are broad, and his left bicep flexes a little as he leans on the doorjamb. He looks like someone who just walked in off the beach, not at all like the guy I was expecting.

“I’m Audrey Mitchell. Mr. Lewis, right?”


I step away from the window and toward him. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were already here. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have—”

“It’s fine,” he says, cutting me off mid-sentence. “I’m used to finding strange people in my bedroom.”

I pause, unsure what to say. I’ve just apologized.

He smiles. “Relax.” He looks down at my chest and I think he’s appraising me, looking at my boobs, but he looks up immediately. “I’m just f****** with you, Audrey. Nice to meet you.” He lifts a hand.

This is the first time in my life anyone has ever said any form of the word “f****” when we first met. I don’t sense arrogance from this guy, but rather a confidence I’ve never seen in anyone I’ve met.

I take his hand. “Nice to meet you, too, Mr. Lewis.”

“Please, call me Adam.”

I’m suddenly aware that he’s still holding my hand. Or am I holding his? I pull back a little, and he lets my hand go.

“Adam,” I say. “When did you arrive?”

“A little after four this morning.”

So Jeanine checked him in and forgot to mention that critical bit of information to me. She was hurrying out the door, though.

“I was just taking a walk on the beach.” He pushes off the doorjamb and walks past me, to the bathroom. I notice he has something in his mouth. It’s white, and I realize it’s a mint. I hear the water running in the sink, then splashing, and figure he’s washing his face.

This is the part that’s always hardest for me. The small talk. I’m not into small talk. It’s boring, it’s forced, usually meaningless. It’s the one part of the job that I don’t like, but that goes with any job, I suppose.

“Hope you didn’t get caught in the rain,” I say.

He steps out of the bathroom, blotting his face with a hand towel. He has taken his hat off. His hair is sandy blond and short. “How long have you worked here?”

I take his question as more small talk and answer, “Two weeks,” but I’m wrong about the chit-chat.

“How old are you?”

It’s an odd question. I’ve never been asked this before at this job or any other, but I see no smooth way to refuse to answer. “Twenty-two.”

He nods, then tosses the towel back in the bathroom. He takes a few steps toward me. Close enough that I can see his green eyes.

Usually, I would be put off by a guy staring into my eyes like he does, but it doesn’t bother me at all. I look back at him, then his gaze travels down to my chest, legs, feet, then back up. A brazen assessing scan if I ever saw one.

I’ve had guys check me out before, but they usually try to do it secretly. He doesn’t make the slightest effort. It’s almost like he wants me to know.

“I need to know that I can trust you. That I can count on your discretion.” I can smell the peppermint on his breath, and God, the hard lines of his jaw make me want to reach up and touch them.

I swallow hard, suddenly finding myself wondering about him. “Of course,” I say, and it’s no lie. In fact, I’d be breaking company policy if I were to violate any guest’s privacy. If that’s what he means. What does he mean?

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J.T. Charles lives in the southeastern United States and is the author of The Rider List.

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