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Book Title:Obsession (Russian Tattoos)
Author:Kat Shehata
Genre:NA Romantic Suspense
Release Date:January 12, 2016
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book blurb

Falling in love isn’t a crime—but falling in love with a Russian mob boss could be deadly.

Competitive tennis player Carter Cook wants a taste of freedom. Her overprotective father monitors every aspect of her life, so when he becomes employed by Vladimir Ivanov –a sexy Russian with an array of tattoos and an accent that weakens her knees—a taste of danger is within Carter’s grasp. Behind her father’s back, she enjoys spending time with Vladimir at his lavish estate. But is he really the upstanding businessman she believes him to be?

Vladimir Ivanov—godfather of a Russian mafia crime ring.

Vladimir spent five years of his life in a Siberian prison camp and has earned every tattoo inked into his skin. He is a powerful man who gets what he wants, and after stalking the gorgeous tennis player for years—he wants Carter. A little charm melts her heart, and behind the scenes, he orders his henchman to track her every move.

He’s a tattooed stick of dynamite ready to blow at the slightest spark.

As their romance reaches deadly levels, Carter senses something’s not right. When she’s lured into a compromising position at the hands of a shady European drug dealer, she calls in Boris, Vladimir’s right hand man, to rescue her—without telling Vladimir. With his authority questioned, he sets out to teach Carter a lesson about loyalty she’ll never forget.

When Carter realizes she’s in too deep, she must fight for her freedom before the attraction turns fatal. But the Russian bratva plays for keeps, and Vladimir’s fierce lust to possess her spirals their romance out of control.


The morning after, Vladimir and I shared an intimate breakfast on the balcony and noshed on fresh local fruit, steel-cut oats with warm milk, yoghurt and honey, and fresh-squeezed orange juice. Seagulls stalked our mini buffet from the sky and Vladimir’s eyes sparkled in the Florida sunshine as we talked and laughed and enjoyed our privacy. In the weeks I had known him, I had never seen him so relaxed and happy.

He leaned over and kissed my cheek. Yalyublyutebya.”

His unshaven cheeks felt sandpapery against my skin. “What does it mean?”

“I love you.”

I curled my finger around one of his ringlets. “Yalyublyutebya.”

As we noshed and enjoyed the sunshine and salty ocean air, I couldn’t ignore Boris calling me on the special phone. I’d heard it going off in my purse for, like, the billionth time. “I’d better get that. It might be important.”

“My phone has been going off all morning, too.”

I could tell by his expression he was amused, rather than alarmed, but nonetheless I was a little freaked considering I had lied to everyone and jetted off to Miami with my dad’s boss. Maybe someone had found out, and Boris was trying to warn me.

I ran inside and lifted the ringing phone. “What’s wrong?”

Dobroyeutro. Good morning.” Boris sounded relieved. “Everything okay?”

I glanced outside. Vladimir motioned for me to join him. “I’m khorosho.” I went back outside and curled up on his lap. He wrapped his arms around my belly. His touch excited me. I sucked in a deep breath.

“What’s wrong? Is boss there?”

“I’m with Vladimir now.” I turned my head and smooched his lips. “Vladimir is khorosho, too.” He tickled me and I giggled.

“I take it you and Vladimir had a khoroshiy evening together?”


“Good girl. Call if you need anything.”





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meet the author

Kat Shehata went to school with a bunch of animals–literally. She is a graduate of the Cincinnati Zoo’s Animal Conservation and Care Program. Her first career involved caring for exotic, dangerous, and adorable animals as a zookeeper. She has had her shirt ripped off by a jealous orangutan, hand-fed grapes to fruit bats, played tug-o-war with a three-toed sloth, and escorted an elephant down Pete Rose Way in the Cincinnati Reds Opening Day Parade. As an author, Kat weaves her love of animals into her work. She is the co-author of New York Times bestseller Animals on the Other Side written with Sylvia Browne.

She is a competitive tennis player and spends her free time smashing tennis balls, cheering on her teammates, and playing matches in a recreational league. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband, three kids, and an enthusiastic poodle. She holds a bachelor’s degree in theatre from Wilmington College, a professional writing certificate from the University of Cincinnati, and a master’s degree in creative writing from Spalding University.

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I love this quote, Diana
“I’m wondering what to read next.” — Matilda, Roald Dahl

Release Day Blitz: The Fool by Liz Meldon #BEP #ReleaseDayBlitz @lizmeldon2

The Fool

Release Day Blitz

The Fool

Book Title: The Fool
Author: Liz Meldon
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: December 28, 2015
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Book Blurb

One night can change everything.

That’s what they always say, and for now, vampire hunter Delia hopes it’s true. After years of mediocre performances, she’s still nothing more than a grunt in her hunter league, stuck on surveillance duty and low-level vamp busts.

So, when her informant drops an amazing lead in her lap, she jumps at the opportunity to take down the region’s rumored vampire leader at an invite-only masquerade ball. Clad in a mask and uncomfortable dress, Delia throws herself into the fray—only to realize she’s woefully unprepared for the night that awaits her.

Also… Some ridiculously attractive guy dressed as the Fool keeps distracting her.

One night. One job. One man. One chance to change her life.

All she has to do is not screw it up.

The Fool is a novella intended for readers aged 18+, and is the prologue for the paranormal romance serial Games We Play.


Music drifted languidly from speakers around the dance hall, and couples whirling around the floor barely missed a beat, moving this way and that, too wrapped up in themselves to notice when the songs changed. It was a more appealing sight than the one she was used to seeing on a dance floor: Kain and his boys grinding up on drunk girls, their sense of rhythm all but absent. Most here were intoxicated, but the costumes gave a degree of modesty, and no one, as far as she could see, was mashing pelvises.

She’d had a few conversations since leaving the bathroom, but the women flying solo were more interested in finding someone to spend the evening with, while most of the men fed her the same dull lines over and over again: Why was she alone? Where was her drink? Did she know her eyes sparkled like emeralds?


Delia had just barely escaped the last guy—his breath rank with alcohol—who kept guffawing in her face whenever he cracked a joke. So there she stood, hovering on the outskirts of the dance floor, unsure of her place.

Arms wrapped around herself, she watched a nearby couple as they danced. They were both young and slim, effortlessly gliding around like they’d done it a hundred times before. Maybe they had.

She blinked quickly, bringing herself out of her daze, and tightened her grip on her clutch as the jingling of bells grew louder. The Fool had found her again.

Throughout the night she’d spied that ridiculous gold and purple mask at a safe distance out of the corner of her eye. Sometimes she actually turned and looked, only to find him chatting with one or two other people.

“Delia,” he said, dipping his head cordially as he stood beside her.

She pursed her lips, noting the barely-there gap between their bodies.


She returned her gaze to the dancing couple. So elegant—hypnotic, even.

“Did you find who you were looking for?”

It took her a second to process the question, and she glanced his way curiously.


“Earlier,” the Fool continued with a nod in the direction of the garden. “You ran after someone. Did you find them?”

“No.” Delia squared her shoulders and let out a small sigh. “Just a look-alike. I don’t think the person I want to see will show tonight.”

“Pity.” The Fool sniffed, his gaze wandering the dancing couples. “Fortunate for me, however.”

She almost laughed. “Why?”

“Because now I can enjoy the pleasure of your company… uninterrupted.”

Delia forced away the incredulous look that flashed across her face, her lips threatening to turn upward in a smile, and finally faced him.

The Fool, however, continued to study the dancers, ignoring her narrowed stare.

“Does this usually work on girls?”

“What?” he asked innocently, sparing her a quick glance, a few of his bells jingling.

“This faux-formal crap you’re spouting.” She cocked her head to the side as she waited for a response.

Slowly, a smile spread across his face, lips pulling back to reveal a set of perfectly straight, perfectly white teeth. “I don’t know. Does it?”

“No,” she replied quickly, turning toward the dance floor again just before their eyes could meet. “It doesn’t.”

“Shame. And here I was thinking I’d been doing so well.”

“That’s presumptuous of you,” Delia remarked, her head tilting to one side again, mimicking the slow way the man dipped his female partner. Her fair blonde tresses tickled the floor, and they grinned at one another. Despite herself, Delia suddenly found herself grinning too.


Her skin prickled at the deep rumbly quality of his voice, but she was determined not to react to it.

“… Perhaps I can remedy that.”

She almost told him it was unlikely, all the while feeling a little guilty for her rudeness. After all, he had scared off that psychotic Donovan vamp earlier. Even if he didn’t realize it, she actually owed him. However, before she could get another word in, the Fool snapped at a passing waitress, and the woman hurried toward them with a tray of drinks in hand.

“You seem to have lost the one I brought you earlier,” the Fool noted as he handed her a glass, which Delia took almost begrudgingly. He then looked to the waitress and gently touched her arm as he said, “And if you can manage, perhaps a red wine for myself?”

“Of course, sir.” The woman gave a small nod before hurrying away, moving with more purpose than any of the servers Delia had seen all night. She raised an eyebrow at the Fool again; he wasn’t a vamp power-player, but he had to be someone important in the human world.

He caught her studying him, and then flashed a charming smile as Delia pretended to be admiring his bells.

“Champagne gives me a headache,” he told her, as if that explained the drink request.

Delia shrugged. “Sucks to be you.” The new glass of bubbly liquid, tinged with a rose-gold hue, slid down smoothly, but she vowed that this would be the last of the night. “I love champagne.”

“I know.” He then reached up and brushed his fingertip over her cheek. Delia flinched back, nostrils flaring in alarm. Even after his arm fell back by his side, she felt the warmth of his touch on her skin. “You get a little blush every time you drink it. Quite endearing.”

“Well, that’s some extra-close attention you’ve been paying to me,” she forced out, her breath catching at the intensity of his stare. She cleared her throat as she stepped back, flustered. Genuinely flustered. Because a hot guy in a stupid mask was doting on her, and Delia wasn’t accustomed to men doting on her. The guys in her history weren’t exactly the doting type.

But then again, there really was only one reason a man would dote on her…

Her blush darkened at the thought.

Toasting him with her champagne glass, she took another few steps back, alarmed that he followed slowly.

“Thanks for the drink… again,” she told him. Then, without another word, Delia turned on the spot and cut across the dance floor, not stopping until there was some distance between her and the Fool.

For a short time, she tried to distract herself with the sea of dancers, the swirl of fabric and the flash of masks slowly blending into one living, breathing organism.

Through the fleeting gaps between couples, she saw him. The Fool. Watching her from across the room, he stood quite still amidst all the twirling and whirling, through the swishes of fabric, his glass of red wine in hand. She wasn’t sure why she decided to stay there, directly across from him. Maybe it was the fact that after a night in sultry, but painful, heels, her feet finally decided enough was enough. Time to stay in one place for a while.

Delia chose to ignore the fact that every time she did try to move, her feet were like heavy stones, keeping her in place, in the Fool’s line of sight.


Cover Reveal Teaser 2

Cover Reveal Teaser 1

Meet the Author

Liz is a Canadian author who grew up in the Middle East. She has a degree in Bioarchaeology from Western University, and when she isn’t writing about her own snarky characters, she is ghostwriting romance novellas, loitering on social media, or taking care of her many animals.

As a freelance ghostwriter, she has written thirteen books, which range from romance to horror, full-length to novella-sized. A handful are currently on the market, and she stalks their “authors” with fiendish delight. She loves writing realistic characters in fantastical settings.

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The Fool

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I love this quote, Diana
“I’m wondering what to read next.” — Matilda, Roald Dahl

Release Day Blitz: Irrational Behavior: An Imperfect Past Novel (Incredible Dream Series Book Tw) by SE Felida #ReleaseBlitz @SE_Felida @bookenthupromo

Irrational Behavior1

Release Day Blitz Irrational Behavior

Book Title: Irrational Behavior
Author: S.E. Felida
Genre: Woman’s Fiction, Chit Lit, Romantic Suspense
Release Date: December 26, 2015
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Book Blurb

Just when Leona finally started to believe that maybe, just maybe, her future was written in the stars – that she was one of those girls destined for a happily ever after – her life takes a dramatic turn for the worse as she finds herself standing face to face with the man who destroyed her childhood. Will this brutal encounter push her into a nightmare world again, or is the love that she shares with Nathaniel going to be strong enough to keep her from turning into the person she despised the most, and erase all those bad memories once and for all?

Find out in Irrational Behavior: An Imperfect Past Novel (Incredible Dreams Series book two)


After tossing and turning for a few hours, I decided to get up and take a hot shower in the hopes that it would help me fall asleep easier. I took off my clothes and stepped into the shower, closing my eyes and letting the hot water beat on my face; I could feel the tension in my shoulders dissipate as I stood there. Just as I went to reach for my chamomile exfoliating scrub, the room was plunged into darkness. I felt someone’s presence in the room before even seeing anyone. My heart started beating rapidly and my mind immediately jumped back to the person who had broken into my house a little while ago. My first instinct was to scream at the top of my lungs for Alexandra and Alyssa, but then I remembered that they weren’t home.

Footsteps started walking away in the opposite direction… whoever was in there with me ran out of the bathroom in a hurry and closed the door with a bang. Every single hair on my neck stood up straight. I quickly shut off the water and felt around me to find the vanity, clinging onto it for balance and guidance as I opened the top drawer to remove a candle and some matches from it. My fingers were trembling like crazy yet somehow, I managed to light the candle anyway. I grabbed a towel with my left hand and secured it around my body, tiptoeing as quietly as possible towards the door with my heart beating in my throat. I had no idea what to expect on the other side, so I tried to steady my nerves and slowly pushed the door open. After I’d inspected the hallway, I started walking toward the basement to go check the fuses. I walked straight toward the main breaker box and opened the gray lid. Just as expected, there’s nothing wrong with them. Suddenly, I was pulled out of my thoughts when a hand positioned itself on my shoulder and another one slapped the candle right out of my hand.

Once again total darkness fell over me. I let out a colossal scream while I tried to struggle free from his tight grip. I screamed and screamed until he pressed his hand against my mouth. He started laughing like a mad man and told me to pipe down. “No one is going to hear you, dear. There’s no one here!” His voice was strangely electronic as if it had been altered by one of those voice changers. “I’ve been looking forward to having you all to myself and this time, Nathaniel isn’t around to help you out.”

His words snapped me right out of my weak moment, they made me feel so stupid for the way I feared someone who wasn’t even man enough to show me his true identity. I desperately wanted to know who this man was and before I knew it, I dug my heel into his right foot with everything I had in me. He cursed at me and loosened his grip, giving me an opportunity to elbow him right in the crotch. He let go and I wriggled free, moving away faster than I’d ever did in my life. I couldn’t see a thing, not even a sliver of light passed through the basement. I didn’t know where the door was, I didn’t even know where the stairs were until I tripped on the bottom step and fell face down on the staircase. I sighed in relief, but before I got the chance to stand up straight the man attacked me from behind.

That’s when I heard Aaron yelling my name. “Leona! Leona,” he bellowed. “Where are you?”

The man covered my mouth and held something cold and metal against my cheek. “If you want to make it out of here alive, I suggest you shut the fuck up and keep perfectly still.” My breath caught in my throat as I felt, what could only be described as a gun dig into my cheek. I could barely breathe as I watched my entire life flash right in front of me. My unshed tears started burning in my eyes, I couldn’t do anything else but close my eyes and let them out.


BooksandBeyondFiftyShades rated it *****

This is not a standalone book, you have to read Part # 1 Incredible Dreams, to get to know the characters and their stories (and you must).
Loved this story it was funny, beautiful, sad and exciting all at the same time. The characters drew you in from the start and it was a really good read. I would recommend this Story!

BookHeathens rated it *****

Just when things look like they are going right for Leona and Nate things go crazy for them. Honestly if you try to give a review you will be spoiling is amazing book………all I can say is you will be turning the pages, picking your jaw up from the floor, swearing, crying and all the time trying to piece this book together.

Meet the Author

author photoS.E. Felida was born in Curaçao, but she’s currently living in Holland with her husband and their three boys. Growing up, she loved to read as many books as she could get her hands on and began writing short stories and poetry at the age of eleven.

S.E. Felida writes Steamy-Romance Novels with Nerve-racking Suspense, and she recently re-released the first installment in her Incredible Dreams Series “Incredible Dreams” on October 29, 2015. The second and final part in her series “Irrational Behavior: An Imperfect Past Novel” was re-released on December 23, 2015.

S.E. Felida is currently working on a full-length, stand-alone novel “Joey’s Girl.” Expected release date Spring 2016!!

For more info, please visit her website

Social Media


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Irrational Behavior

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Other Books in the Series

ID EBook

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I love this quote, Diana
“I’m wondering what to read next.” — Matilda, Roald Dahl

Blog Tour: Feel The Burn by G. A. Aiken #Giveaway @Tastybooktours @KensingtonBooks

Enter to Win a Paperback 


Dragon Kin #8
G.A. Aiken
Released Nov 24th, 2015
Zebra Imprint

War makes strange bedfellows.

I, Gaius Domitus, one-eyed rebel dragon king of the Provinces, know that better than most, since I have to fight off half my ungrateful family on a regular basis to keep law and order here in my lands. But I never expected to have to consort with a barbarian human woman.

Kachka is beautiful, if you like them fierce—and of course I do. But she keeps complaining about how spoiled and decadent I am, and how a feared Daughter of the Steppes has no time for foolish dragons. I think she likes my eye patch, though. It is quite dashing. With death always at our tails, we take our passion like we take our allies. As they say, love the barbarian you’re with…


Gaius Lucius Domitus, Iron dragon and the one-eyed Rebel King from the west, rolled that one eye and continued out of the back halls of the Senate and toward the royal palace. He had important plans to make and he didn’t have time for yet another discussion about his poor kingly skills.

“I think you’re a fool to do this.”

“Thank you, Auntie. I appreciate your confidence.”

“Don’t get that tone with me.”

“What tone?”

Lætitia Clydia Domitus grabbed Gaius’s arm and yanked him around. She was a small She-dragon and ridiculously tiny in her human form, but there was a power to her. There had to be in order for her to have survived as long as she had. There were few who had survived Overlord Thracius’s reign while openly loathing him, but Lætitia had managed. Somehow.

“First off—” she began.

“Gods,” Gaius groaned. “There’s a first off.”

“—you shouldn’t be walking around these streets alone. You’re the king now. That makes you a clear target. Second, you’re king now. You can’t run off on stupid errands every time you get a bug up your ass. You have an empire to rule.”

“An empire that will no longer exist if I don’t get control of my cousins and, more importantly, squash the rise of Chramnesind cults.”

“I don’t disagree with you, but I don’t know why you need to go yourself. You have dragons and men at your disposal. Why do you not use them?”

“Why? Because I trust no one. Except my sister.” When his aunt groaned and rolled her eyes at the mention of Agrippina, Gaius gently pulled his arm out of her grasp and walked away.

“Wait! I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Yes, you did.”

“No. I didn’t. I love your sister—” Gaius snorted at that, and Lætitia gripped his arm again and yanked him around to face her with even more strength than he’d given her credit for. “Do not, boy, question my loyalty to you or your sister. Ever. You two are the only thing left of the one sibling I adored, and that means something. But your sister went through hell. Absolute hell. And she hasn’t recovered from it, no matter how much both of you want to pretend that she has. So leaving the throne in her claws while you go off to be the hero king seems a . . . risky decision at best.”

“Well then . . . I guess . . .” Gaius glanced off, pretended to think a minute. “You’ll just have to give her your guidance while I’m gone.”

From the corner of his one eye, he saw his aunt desperately try to hide a smile. It wasn’t an evil smile. She, unlike most of his kin, was not evil. But, for the first time, she felt she’d be allowed to use her knowledge and skills directly rather than behind the scenes, which was usually where one could find her. Her machinations had been legendary, but they were often attributed to one of her other siblings. Of course, it was her willingness not to be openly involved that had kept her alive this long.

“Your sister,” Lætitia finally said, “won’t like that.”

“Of course she will,” Gaius lied. “She respects you, Auntie.”

“Good gods, Gaius Lucius Domitus!” she cried out. “You’re just like your father—such a





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Originally from Long Island, New York Times bestselling author
G.A. Aiken has resigned herself to West Coast living, which involves healthy
food, mostly sunny days, and lots of guys not wearing shirts when they really
should be. Writing as Shelly Laurenston, she is also the creator of the
wickedly funny Pride series for Brava. For more info about G.A. Aiken’s
dangerously and arrogantly sexy dragons, go to


I love this quote, Diana
“I’m wondering what to read next.” — Matilda, Roald Dahl

Book Blitz: Spirit Chaser by Kat Mayor #Giveaway

The Spirit Chaser Banner
This is my stop during the book blitz for The Spirit Chaser by Kat Mayor. This book blitz is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. The book blitz runs from 14 till 20 December, you can view the complete blitz schedule on the website of Lola’s Blog Tours.

The Spirit ChaserThe Spirit Chaser
By Kat Mayor
Genre: Horror/ Ghosts/ Dark Romance
Age category: Adult
Release Date: November 13, 2015

Some places are too evil. Some places should be left alone.

Austin Cole has it made. Star of the hit television show Spirit Chaser Investigations, he has become the world’s most famous paranormal investigator. Although hard work, a talented investigation team, and favorable genetics have something to do with it, it’s his lack of fear and willingness to take risks no one else will that make Spirit Chaser Investigations cable’s number-one show. When a ghost-hunt-gone-wrong seriously injures his best friend and lead psychic, Austin is forced to find a replacement for a team member he considers irreplaceable.

Casey Lawson can’t catch a break. She’s been on her own since she turned eighteen and is scraping by as a part-time psychic and cashier at a New Age store. When a desperate Austin Cole calls her up and offers her a position on his team, has her fortune finally changed?

He’s a control freak; she’s stubborn and opinionated. It takes time, but when they finally realize they’re working on the same side, everything clicks, both on and off screen.

Just when things are looking up, a new threat emerges. Over the years, Austin has angered plenty of demons, and one of them has set her sights on him. Now he’s the one in danger, and it’s up to the team to rescue him from the riskiest investigation of their lives.


Once Austin registered that Gary was in trouble, he took off toward the Barrett thing. He grabbed it by the waist and tried to pull it off Gary. The monster let go of Gary, slowly turning as his focus shifted. Austin couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It wasn’t Barrett’s eyes that were looking at him. There was no trace of sclera; the entire eye had been overtaken by black. His best friend was staring at him with pure hate. “Barrett?” Austin asked. The thing lunged at him, grabbing Austin’s throat with its good hand and lifting him off the ground.

With all his strength, Austin tried to pull Barrett’s hand away, but it wouldn’t budge. Austin was fighting for breath and feared the creature invading Barrett’s body was going to snap his neck. One will be hurt and the other one killed. Would Barrett kill him tonight? Or would Austin have to kill Barrett to save his own life? He didn’t think he could do that. Dots appeared in his vision and the voices of the other guys seemed far off as he grayed out. The next thing he knew, he was sitting on the floor against a hard cinder block wall, gasping for air. Slowly, he pushed himself up.

Luis had pulled out his Aspergillum and was flicking holy water on Barrett. It acted like a holy whip and with each lash of the blessed fluid, a red laceration appeared on his skin. Thai grabbed Barrett by his good arm, and with Gary’s help, pushed him to the ground. Luis sprinkled more holy water on Barrett, and red welts bloomed on his skin. The creature wailed as Luis chanted a prayer. His thrashing slowed. They rolled him onto his stomach. Gary ground his knee into Barrett’s back to hold him in place and pinned his arms down. Thai sat on Barrett’s legs.

“You okay, man?” Thai asked Austin. He was out of breath from trying to subdue a preternaturally strong Barrett.

Austin rubbed the sides of his neck and swallowed. His throat felt shredded, like raw meat. “Yeah, fine,” he croaked.

“The spirits are really out to get you tonight,” Thai observed. His eyes flicked down to the panting and grunting monster beneath him. “Both of you.”

Luis looked at Austin. “We need to get him out of here. The evil here is too strong.” The priest turned to Gary. “Do you think you can move him?”

“Yeah. As long as he stays like this.”

Thai and Gary lifted Barrett up and half-carried, half-dragged him toward the exit. Luis continued to chant prayers. He turned and saw Austin lifting the camera over his shoulder. “Leave it, Austin.”

“I’ll be right there,” he said. He picked up what equipment he could and followed them out.

Josie, the lead tech specialist, ran out of the tech trailer when she saw them approach. Her eyes grew wide and she took a step back as she saw their docile psychic growling and spitting like a rabid dog. “What happened in there?”

“No time to explain,” Thai yelled over his shoulder as he helped Gary lift Barrett’s thrashing body and pin him in the backseat of the Suburban. Gary and Thai sat on either side of him to hold him down.

Austin turned to Josie. His voice came out a hoarse whisper. “We left a lot of stuff behind. Don’t go in there, JoJo. I’ll come back at sunup to retrieve it.”

“We don’t need it. I got all the camera footage remotely in the tech trailer,” she called out to him, but he was already running toward the Suburban. Austin hopped in the driver seat next to Luis, who had not stopped praying. The creature began speaking in tongues and screamed at Luis, but at least it wasn’t trying to wreck the car. They drove to the closest sacred site, a protestant church. At that time of night, everything was locked up, but Luis knew that being on holy ground would work. There was a large wooden cross over the front doors, and Thai and Gary laid Barrett’s semi-conscious form on the church’s front steps.

Austin picked up the camera and began filming. “What are you doing, man?” Gary asked. Austin motioned for him to be quiet as he focused the camera.

Barrett’s head was lolling back and forth, and he spoke in two different octaves at the same time.

Luis frowned at Austin, but decided to let it go. Right now he had more important things to worry about than Austin exploiting Barrett for the show. “Hold him down,” he instructed Gary and Thai.

Luis placed his purple stole around his neck and kissed his crucifix. The demon saw the sacred object and began thrashing. “Don’t come near me, you motherfucker,” the Barrett thing yelled.

Ignoring the demon, Luis placed the holy symbol on Barrett’s forehead. The hiss of searing meat could be heard, and when Luis removed the crucifix, its outline was burned into Barrett’s flesh. He didn’t waste any time with the Litany of the Saints or bible readings and went straight into the exorcism. “I cast you out, unclean spirit, along with every satanic power of the enemy, every spectre from hell, and all your fell companions.” The demon spat on Luis. Its many voices laughed. The priest didn’t miss a beat. He wiped his face with a handkerchief, then continued with the Rite.

When Luis began the Catholic Rite of Exorcism, The demon growled, “You’re not a real priest. You’re married to a whore. You have no authority over me.” Ever since Luis had left the priesthood to marry, the demons tried to use it against him. Luis was used to it and didn’t allow the verbal attacks to bother him. When the creature saw that Luis was unfazed, he tried a different tack. “Has your bishop authorized this? I doubt it.” Luis didn’t respond. That would be a mistake. He knew from experience that many a demon had been prayed out of a person by believers who weren’t even Catholic.

The she-demon knew she was losing the battle, and her grip on Barrett was weakening. She proceeded to beg. “No Latin. Please, no more Latin.” The Barrett thing writhed, then turned its head to face Austin. It spoke in a voice that didn’t belong to Barrett or any other human. “This isn’t over. I’m not done with you yet.” Then Barrett’s head rolled to the side and his eyes closed.

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Kat MayorAbout the Author:
I am a native Texan, wife, and mom. In addition to The Spirit Chaser, I have written a young adult series, The Circle. I’m a full-time reader, part-time writer, and when I’m not kicking a story around in my head, I love to read and review books on Goodreads.

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I love this quote, Diana
“I’m wondering what to read next.” — Matilda, Roald Dahl

Blog Tour: Ring me later by Robena Grant #BEP @RobenaGrant #Giveaway

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Book Title: Ring Me Later
Author:Robena Grant
Genre:Romantic Suspense
Release Date: December 7, 2015
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Book Blurb

Jack Barron is a reclusive, billionaire, hotelier who never got over his first love. Lisa Carpenter moved to London to escape him and his obsession with money. After five years, Lisa returns to Los Angeles to work in public relations at a medical center. She’s certain their paths won’t cross but they do…almost immediately. Forced into working together, because of a multi-million dollar grant, she must keep her wits about her. Jack wants to redeem himself; Lisa wants respect. He’s advancing; she’s retreating.

As her heart warms to him, she becomes embroiled in a web of deceit that ensures someone will gain billions. Lisa is being stalked. There is arson at Jack’s Arizona resort spa. A wealthy Broadway producer is trying to buy the spa. And the paparazzi are having a field day with Jack’s return to the social scene.

With nowhere to hide, they must trust in each other. Could all roads lead back to London?


Jack stood behind his desk, replacing the phone handset. His head snapped up. Shock, anger, and something she couldn’t define washed over his features. Ms. Crofton had been super quick with her emergency alert. Good for her. But Lisa had been faster.

She stopped in the middle of the room, her heart pounding. Jack’s features seemed to blur. You can’t faint now. She blinked hard, and refocused. He still looked pissed off. Without the scowl he would be as handsome as ever. Chestnut hair fell across his creased forehead, and his golden brown eyes widened, then narrowed.

“Mr. Barron.” Lisa strode toward the huge mahogany desk, her hand outstretched. They’d made love on that desk. A wave of heat filled her as an avalanche of memories flashed by like the stock market tickertape. “I do appreciate you agreeing to see me. I won’t need much of your time—”

“I didn’t,” he said.

Lisa met his gaze. “Didn’t what?” she asked, feigning innocence, while holding the leather portfolio in a death grip. A tick in one side of his jaw jumped. She was certain he’d mashed down on his molars.

“Agree to see you. I could have security throw you out.” His voice was deep, almost a growl. Then he bounded from behind the desk like a wild animal, and stopped short only a foot from her.

She begged her knees not to crumple. “Oh, dear. An honest mistake.”

“Yeah, right.” He flicked his eyebrows skyward. “What do you want?”

Meet the Author

Robena Grant writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense about ordinary women thrust into extraordinary circumstances. Travel and discovering new places brings her great pleasure, and she often includes these discoveries in her stories. She is Australian by birth, lives in Southern California, and has two grown children. Robena may be contacted at: where she blogs weekly, or follow her on Twitter, Facebook, or Goodreads.

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I love this quote, Diana
“I’m wondering what to read next.” — Matilda, Roald Dahl