Book Review: Wicked Sense by Fabio Bueno


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Witches inhabit our world, organized in covens and hiding behind a shroud of secrecy—the Veil.

Skye’s London coven sends her to Seattle’s Greenwood High to find the Singularity, an unusually gifted witch who may break the Veil and trigger a dangerous new era of witch-hunting. Things get complicated when Skye meets a charming new classmate, Drake. Skye’s job becomes even trickier when she clashes with Jane, an intimidating rival witch.

Drake falls for the mysterious Skye, but odd accidents, potion mix-ups, and the occasional brush with death kind of get in the way of romance. Once he discovers Skye is a witch, he goes to war for her, even though his only weapons are a nice set of abs and a sharp sense of humor.

Fighting off wicked Jane and the other dark forces hell-bent on seizing the Singularity’s immense power, Skye and Drake will risk everything to save the covens.

Going on a date has never been harder

My Review

This was defiantly a FIVE STAR Book

Wow!! This book grabbed my right off the start, so fantastic, well written story about Skye, who is a witch and needs to find a Singularity. The London Coven, where Skye is from sends her to Seattle to find the Singularity, which isn’t an easy task. This Singularity is a high schooler, younger than Skye who is also in high school. There is a lot of adventure to keep you interested in this story.  Of course what is a story without romance and of course Skye meets a boy. Drake who has his own problems including a younger sister who is having her own issues.

I highly recommend this book if you like YA Fantasy and Paranormal. I am always amazed at how these wonderful stories are written, well I enjoy reading them. This story was very hard to put down I just wanted to keep reading it, not worry about anything else, I guess I was lost into the story.
Great read.

6464240  About the Author:

Award-winning author of YA paranormal WICKED SENSE, family man, gamer, “runner,” geek, kindle hugger, coffeeholic, SCBWIer, x-men hopeful, district 3 tribute, hufflepuff, daydreamer.

Fabio writes Young Adult/Urban Fantasy/Paranormal novels. He resides in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and kids. When not writing or reading, he geeks out with family and friends, solidifies his reputation as the world’s slowest runner, and acts very snobbish about movies. He hangs out here:

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I love this quote, Diana
“I’m wondering what to read next.” — Matilda, Roald Dahl

Book Review: Tara Nikkel and the Dream Mage by R.A. Sapp




Meet a teenager with some serious issues. Tara Nikkel is a girl with a ton of problems: cerebral palsy, asthma, and a severe peanut allergy (just to name a few). And if all that weren’t enough, Tara’s also an orphan with two clueless foster parents who live like professional couch potatoes. But everything changes for Tara when she ventures out on a stormy night to find her beloved beagle, Pudgy. Through an unexpected series of events, Tara finds herself in a magical realm known only as the “really real world”, a place where literally anything is possible.
Come join Tara on an adventure filled with magic, goblins, zombies, dragons—and more!

Ages 13 and up.

My Review

Tara Nikkel and the Dream Mage by R.A. Sapp
I found this book to be very interesting, not normally the typical style of books I read. The story though really got me, the characters were all very interesting and easy to understand and follow. I loved how the bad turned into good.
This story is about Tara, she has a disability, and lives in a not really good foster home. It starts with her going school, she was home schooled and decided that she wanted to go to regular school. The kids are not really nice to her. After a bad day she goes home, her dog is missing and it is raining, she asked her foster Mom to help her find her dog, her foster Mom is too busy watching TV, so she goes at it alone, by the way she is using crutches. She sees her dog and then the next thing she knows she is in another world, the really real world. This place is totally different and not like anything at home.
Like the synopsis says it is a fantasy adventure filled with enough goblins, zombies to keep you hooked right up to the thrilling conclusion.
This is an awesome book for ages 13+

There is more to this story and I think knowing how the author came about to write this story even makes it better. Please check out the page About Tara.

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About Tara Nikkel

Tara Nikkel is more than just a fictitious character.  She is a thirteen year girl with cerebral palsy and other crippling ailments who wanders out in a storm to find her lost dog, Pudgy.  Through an unfortunate turn of events, Tara travels to the afterlife where she learns that she is, in fact, a powerful sorceress who has been chosen by the Guild for an important mission.  Her story is about suffering and overcoming pain in the face of fear.  Tara Nikkel battles goblins, zombies, and more in TARA NIKKEL AND THE DREAM MAGE.

 I love this quote, Diana
“I’m wondering what to read next.” — Matilda, Roald Dahl