Lords of Love and Legends by Allie Mackay, Brenda Jernigan and Sue-Ellen Welfonder #Releaseblitz

From USA Today Bestselling and National Award-winning Authors
Allie Mackay, Brenda Jernigan and Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Four magical tales of timeless desire



Allie Mackay, Brenda Jernigan, Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Genre: Historical Romance, Scottish Romance, Regency Romance
Series: Legends Series, Book 2
Publisher: Scott Publishing
Publication Date: January 9, 2017

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Lords of Love and Legends introduces you to lords and ladies who live and love in a world of magic and enchantment. The long ago days we dream about is their reality. In this collection, our heroes and heroines will take you there. Along the way, you’ll see them meet and fall in love, and you’ll share their happy-ever-after ending.

We’d like to thank you for joining them. We’ll leave the page here so they can whisk you away.

USA Today Bestselling and National Award-winning Authors Sue-Ellen Welfonder (aka Allie Mackay) and Brenda Jernigan sweep you into a long ago world of breathtaking passion and adventure where myth and legend was real, danger abounded, and lords and ladies risked everything for love!

Winter Fire by Sue-Ellen Welfonder… When a Highland lass meets a dashing stranger in an enchanted place, she gladly gives her heart – and her passion – to the lover she only knows as the Lord of Winter.

The Duke’s Lady by Brenda Jernigan… If you yearn for classic romance with noblemen, ladies, and intrigue, complete with a magnificent Cornish setting, this is your tale…

Some Like It Kilted by Allie Mackay… A legendary Highland chieftain and a modern American woman aren’t prepared for the passion that flares between them, or the ancient secrets that would tear them apart.

The Wicked Lady by Brenda Jernigan… If you like humor and a fun-filled read…this one is for you… When Trevor Claremont is blind-sided by a pickpocket, he isn’t prepared for the feisty redhead who he finds is one wicked lady.

Treat yourself to hours of reading enjoyment with this beautiful collection of unforgettable romance!

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About the Authors

Allie Mackay

“Mackay is a master at penning magical tales of love across the ages.”
~ Fresh Fiction

Allie Mackay is the pseudonym for USA Today bestselling author Sue-Ellen Welfonder who won Romantic Times Best Historical Romance Award for her debut title, Devil in a Kilt. Many of her books have been RT Award nominees, and most have received RT Top Picks and K.I.S.S. Hero Awards. She is thrilled to be an Amazon All-Star Author, and a winner of InD’Tale’s RONE Award. Her favorite reader compliment is that her stories transport them to medieval Scotland, the setting of most of her books. She has three grand passions: Scotland, the paranormal, and animals. All can be found in her fun and sexy, light-hearted paranormal romances.

Brenda Jernigan

“Brenda Jernigan writes Romance, Adventure and Magic.”
~ Publisher’s Weekly

Brenda Jernigan is a Bestselling Author. Her books have been nominated for many awards – Book Seller’s Best Award, The Maggie Award, and The Holt Medallion Award. 
She grew up living the life of a tomboy – climbing trees, playing ball, and excluding starry-eyed romance from her daily repertoire.
Brenda discovered the love for books while taking her son to Story Hour at the local library – she was hooked. 
She figured having the same birthday as Ernest Hemingway couldn’t hurt.

Sue-Ellen Welfonder

“Sue-Ellen Welfonder brings legends and love to life.”
~ Fresh Fiction

USA Today bestselling author Sue-Ellen Welfonder won Romantic Times Best Historical Romance Award for her debut title, Devil in a Kilt.  Many of her books have been RT Award nominees, and have received RT Top Picks and K.I.S.S. Hero Awards. She is thrilled to be an Amazon All-Star Author, and a winner of InD’Tale’s RONE Award. Her favorite reader compliment is that her stories transport them to medieval Scotland, the setting of most of her books.  She is also known for her strong heroines, Alpha heroes, and weaving Highland magic and humor into her tales.

Sue-Ellen also writes as Allie Mackay, penning contemporary paranormals, mostly set in the Scottish Highlands

Visit the author’s official websites
Allie Mackay: http://www.alliemackay.com
Brenda Jernigan: http://www.brendajbooks.com
Sue-Ellen Welfonder: http://www.welfonder.com/

Follow the authors on social media
Brenda Jernigan:  Facebook | Twitter | Amazon| Goodreads
Sue-Ellen Welfonder: Facebook | Twitter | Newsletter

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Sherlock Holmes and the Nine-Dragon Sigil by Tim Symonds #ReleaseBlast



Tim Symonds

Genre: Mystery and Thriller
Publisher: MX Publishing
Publication Date: November 16, 2016

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Never had Holmes and Watson found themselves up against a human-being as clever, devious and frightening as the Empress Dowager of China.

It’s the year 1907.

Rumours abound that a deadly plot is hatching – not in the fog-ridden back-alleys of London’s Limehouse district or the sinister Devon moors of the Hound of the Baskervilles but in faraway Peking. Holmes’s task – discover whether such a plot exists and if so, foil it. But are the assassins targeting the young and progressive Ch’ing Emperor or his imperious aunt, the fearsome Empress Dowager Cixi? The murder of either could spark a civil war. The fate of China and the interests of Britain’s vast Empire in the Orient could be at stake.

Holmes and Watson take up the mission with their customary confidence – until they find they are no longer in the familiar landscapes of Edwardian England. Instead, they tumble into the Alice In Wonderland world of the Forbidden City.

About Tim Symonds

Tim Symonds was born in London, England, and grew up in Somerset, Dorset and the Channel Island of Guernsey, off the coast of Normandy. After spending his late teens farming in the Kenya Highlands and driving bulldozers along the Zambezi River, he moved to California and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from UCLA with an honours degree in Politics.

He lives in the ancient woodland known as the High Weald of Sussex, where the events recounted in Sherlock Holmes and The Dead Boer at Scotney Castle took place. His second novel, Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Bulgarian Codex (MX Publishing 2012), took Holmes and Watson into the very depths of the Balkans in 1900. Holmes and Watson were back in the region – Serbia – in Sherlock Holmes And The Mystery of Einstein’s Daughter (MX Publishing 2014), and not long afterwards in ‘Stamboul’ investigating a plot against the despotic Sultan, in Sherlock Holmes And The Sword of Osman (MX Publishing 2015).

Official Tim Symonds website: http://tim-symonds.co.uk/

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I love this quote, Diana
“I’m wondering what to read next.” — Matilda, Roald Dahl

Blindsided by BJ Wane #BookTour #FunFacts

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BJ Wane


“The perfect start for an amazing new series!”
– Crystal’s Many Reviewers

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Blindsided Cover

Series: Virginia Bluebloods, Book One
 Erotic Romance
Publisher: Blushing Books Publication
Publication Date: April 9, 2016
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Eve Sawyer had a bright future ahead of her when a tragic accident costs her everything. Now, twelve years later, desperation for all she has been missing compels her to seek comfort and pleasure in the arms of strangers. A few hours indulging in anonymous sex with a man named Nate gave her more pleasure than she ever dreamed possible; unfortunately past experiences with men hadn’t given her any hope that night could ever lead to anything more. After meeting Nate again and succumbing to his erotic coercion to enter into a sex-only affair, she soon discovers all the different ways a man with a creative imagination can give a woman with limitations the exciting, pleasurable adventures she has been craving.

Nate Radcliff never had trouble forgetting a woman once he left her bed until he spent the night having sex with a woman who insisted on keeping her name a secret and her face hidden in the dark. A few weeks later, a chance encounter has him coming face to face with the woman he has been obsessing about, and with the fact she is blind. Immediately struck with admiration for the lengths Eve is willing to go to brighten her dark world, he becomes determined to give her the adventures she craves.

For weeks Eve basks in the decadent pleasures and adventures both Nate and his friends give her, making sure she keeps her heart guarded from hoping for more, even when Nate insists their sex-only affair has grown into something more for him. But Nate wasn’t one to give up, especially when he wanted someone as much as he wanted Eve. Just when his persistence starts to pay off and Eve becomes open to a future with him, her best friend, Holly, returns to town, her jealousy and possessiveness threatening to drive them apart. Eve refuses to believe anything bad about Holly, the only person who has stayed faithfully by her side through thick and thin, which drives a wedge between her and Nate. In the end, Eve’s refusal to see her friend’s true motives comes close to not only costing her the man she loves, but to costing her life.


“Feel this.”

Eve roused from her warm stupor enough to shift up on her elbows and take the bumpy object Nate put in her hands.  The day had turned abruptly colder by the time they returned to the stables from their afternoon ride and she couldn’t get warm until they got to her place and he started her gas fireplace.  Lying naked on her stomach on the thick, soft throw rug, the fire’s heat warming her as much as Nate’s large, hot body, she had been blissfully content enjoying his calloused hands kneading her shoulders, but curiosity over rode her disgruntlement at having her peaceful interlude interrupted.

“What is it?”  Along with the individual bumps covering the object, the difference between it and the butt plug he had her use on and off this past week was a small round knob at the base.  “It’s shaped like the plug, but what’s this knob for?”

“That’s the on and off switch.  It’s called an Ass Berrie because it’s shaped like a berry and is the same deep pink.”  Nate lay on his side next to her and leaned his head on his propped hand, watching the vivid expressions crossing her face while she explored the new toy with delicate touches.  Running his palm down her smooth, warm back, he palmed one plump cheek and squeezed, smiling when her eyes glazed over with arousal.  “Christ, I love your ass, sugar.  You’re as small and delicate back here as you are everywhere else, yet still soft and round and so fucking malleable.”

Eve closed her eyes on a groan, lifting her hips to encourage his further exploration.  Before meeting Nate, she never considered her butt an erogenous area, but he’d shown her numerous times, in numerous ways just how erotic and stimulating that part of her anatomy could be.  She wasn’t surprised when he slapped her buttock, but she still cried out with the painful pleasure it produced, a decadent sensation she never tired of experiencing.  Tightening her hand around the new toy, she shuddered with the next smack, imagining the additional pleasure the vibrations from this plug would give her.

“Nate.”  His name slipped past her lips on a moan as she laid her head on her hands and lifted her hips for the next blow.  She held her breath against the sharper pain she knew was coming.

Nate landed a hard swat to the middle of her ass, loving the vivid red splotch it left.  “That’s it, Eve, lift for me.  Show me how much you want this, how much you want me.”

“I do, you know I do.”  She was unashamed of her answer to his demand, bracing for then relishing the barrage of slaps that followed.  Not giving her time to breathe let alone prepare between them now, he laid a volley of hard smacks on both cheeks, leaving no part of her ass untouched until her buttocks were a writhing mass of overheated, pulsating flesh.  The arousal she experienced from the abuse was always the same, her pussy swelling with each painful smack, filling with moisture, preparing for the invasion of his cock.

The snap of the crackling fire, the flesh meeting flesh slaps and her gasps of pleasure reverberated around her as she rapidly headed toward that place that gave her temporary relief from the darkness she couldn’t otherwise escape from.

Nate recognized the grinding of her pelvis against the floor as an attempt to put enough pressure to get herself off.  Without pause, he switched from smacking to caressing, keeping her teetering and off balance.  “Nice,” he murmured, bending down to whisper in her ear.  “As flaming hot and red as the fire.”  Slipping his hand between her reddened cheeks, he lightly grazed her anus before dipping between her puffy folds and finding her as wet and swollen as he knew he would.  “You’re almost ready for me.”

“Almost?” she asked incredulously.  “If I were any more ready, I wouldn’t need you.”

Nate laughed at her peevish tone.  She didn’t like to be kept waiting, but that was too bad.  “First,” he said plucking the ass vibrator out of her hands, “I have to show you how this works.”

Eve lay her head back down, sucked in a deep breath when he spread her sore cheeks and she felt the small nozzle of the lube slipping into her anus followed by a liberal squirt of cool gel.  Damn, even that gooey moisture felt good, she thought as her vagina responded with a spasm of fresh dampness and a clutch at his invading fingers.  She didn’t need him to tell her to take a deep breath when she felt the head of the toy breaching her back hole.  Gasping at the slow intrusion and the odd feel of the bumps rubbing against the sensitive nerve endings of her rectum, she fisted her hands and bit her lip to keep from begging him to go faster, the dual assault of the butt toy and his probing fingers driving her right to the edge of climax.

“Very good, sugar.”

Nate’s praise came as he embedded the vibrator snugly in her ass, the small round knob the only part left out.  He then pulled her hips up until she was on her knees, her face still buried in her folded arms.  With a turn of the knob, her tight channel was enveloped with electrifying sensation.

Eve didn’t know what shocked her or aroused her more, the vibrating pulsations filling her ass or Nate’s cock plunging into her pussy.  With a tight grip on her hips, he fucked her with hard, deep strokes, his cock strategically ramming over and over that one spot guaranteed to ratchet her arousal.   Her ass tightened spasmodically around the vibrator, the slight shift of the nubs against the thin membrane separating the two orifices sending pleasure rippling throughout her entire groin until she couldn’t differentiate where it was coming from.  Awash in sensation, the lower half of her body feeling stuffed and bombarded from his unrelenting, driving thrusts, Eve exploded from the mind numbing invasion, the darkness once again receding with the blinding light of ecstasy.


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Other Books in the Virginia Bluebloods Series

Also check out other highly recommended titles by BJ Wane.
Here are Books 2, 3 and 4 of the Virginia Bluebloods series.

Bind Me to You Cover

Bind Me to You
Virginia Bluebloods, Book 2

Camille would do anything for her nephew, including going to a sex club under false pretenses.  Dec couldn’t forget Camille after one brief meeting, but distrusted the woman who gave him her body but held back everything else.  Would she wait too long to tell the truth, risking everything?

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Surrender to Me Cover

Surrender to Me
Virginia Bluebloods, Book 3

Suffering from OCD and guilt over her husband’s death, Shea accepts Master Fin’s dominance to help her cope.  Fin is drawn to the woman who needs his painful discipline but refuses to give him anything in return.  When the truth comes out, will Shea have risked her newfound happiness for nothing?

Purchase Links: Amazon | Blushing Books

Blackmailed Cover

Virginia Bluebloods, Book 4

Charlotte can’t ignore Wes’s coercion into an affair after their one night together.  But their pleasurable trysts make her question whether she can accept the future her cousin has planned for her, leaving her craving only Wes.  When Wes turns on her, she vows to take control of her future.

Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Blushing Books

Fun Facts

What book are you reading now?

Headed For Trouble by Shiloh Walker

If you could live anywhere on this planet, and take everything that you love with you, where would you choose to live?

Hawaii because the weather is perfect year-round, there are few bugs and I love the fruit!

If you were a genie, what wish would you absolutely not grant?

To relive the past-once was enough.

If you could visit any place in the world, where would you choose to go and why?

England-I’d love to tour some of their small, quaint villages and their different lifestyle.

If you could eliminate one thing from your daily schedule, what would it be and why?

Going to the bathroom-what a waste of time!

What’s your pet peeve?

My biggest one is hypocrisy-don’t say one thing and do another or say one thing to one person and the opposite to another to garner favor-I hate that!

 What takes you out of your comfort zone?

Crowds-I don’t do well around a lot of people.

Do you have any pets?

I have a beautiful Great Pyrenese/Standard Poodle who is the perfect dog and just lost my 14+ year old Irish Water Spaniel which broke my heart because she was so special.

What is your favorite breakfast? Dinner?


salmon & shrimp-anytime

What is your favorite dessert?

Lemon meringue pie


Contest Date:
November 24 – December 7, 2016.

You could be one of two lucky winners:
$25 Amazon Gift Card
Free eBook of one of the subsequent books in series  — Either Bind Me to You (Book 2), Surrender to Me (Book 3) or Blackmailed (Book 4).

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About BJ Wane

I live in the Midwest with my husband and our two dogs. I love dogs, enjoy spending time with my daughter, babysitting dogs and kids, reading and working puzzles. We have traveled extensively throughout the states, Canada and just once overseas, but I much prefer being homebody. I worked for a while writing articles for a local magazine but soon found my interest in writing for myself peaking. My first book was strictly spanking erotica, but I slowly evolved to writing erotic romance with an emphasis on spanking. My favorite genre to read is Romantic Suspense.

Contact BJ Wane: 

Visit the official blog of BJ Wane

Connect with BJ Wane on social media:
Facebook | Amazon

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Passion Never Dies by Anna Durand #BookTour @TheAnnaDurand @BookUnleashed

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Today, it gives us great pleasure to feature
The Complete Reborn Series
Anna Durand

Four times the excitement…
A collection of four sizzling  paranormal romance novellas in one book.

…at half the price!
For a limited time only, get PASSION NEVER DIES at 50% off the regular price.
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Book Cover

Series: Reborn Series
 Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Jacobsville Books
Publication Date: November 4, 2016
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In March 2014, Anna Durand introduced a unique new series of paranormal romance novellas. For the first time ever, all four tales in the Reborn series are collected in one book.

Dawn woke up drowning, inside a tank in a laboratory straight out of a science fiction movie. Blinded by amnesia, she has no choice but to trust in the alluring stranger who pulls her out of the tank, but Jake Maxwell knows more than he cares to admit. Now Redeo Biotech, the company responsible for Dawn’s resurrection, is hunting them both.

As their passion for each other blossoms, Jake and Dawn must outwit their enemies and rediscover their past lives. But when their greatest foe rises from the ashes of ancient Egypt to destroy their future, only Jake and Dawn’s eternal connection has the power to save them.

This collection includes the novellas Reborn to Die, Reborn to Burn, the award-winning Reborn to Avenge, and Reborn to Conquer.

Guest Post

The Paranormal Aspects of the Reborn Series

Paranormal romance is such a varied subgenre, and that’s one of things I love about it. Each author creates a new world with unique characters and history. With so many mythologies to choose from, we writers never run out of ideas. For the Reborn series, I combined my love of history, mythology, and science to build my own little corner of the multiverse that is paranormal romance.

The beliefs of the ancient Egyptians became the keystone of the entire series. Dawn was murdered in ancient Egypt, cursed, and resurrected in the present day—seemingly by science alone, but the truth proves far more supernatural. I turned to my favorite ancient culture, Egypt, for inspiration for most of the paranormal elements in the series. Without spoiling the stories for you, I can let you in on a few secrets. Here are elements from Egyptian mythology that play a vital role in the series:

  • To the Egyptians, magic was a real and tangible force. For instance, if bad luck struck, you might pray to the god of chaos, Seth, and naming your red-headed child after him might have the power to forestall any future misfortune.
  • Though they didn’t often use curses, archaeologists have found examples of them.
  • The day-wandering soul. The dead were believed to walk among the living in the daytime as disembodies souls. They returned to their bodies at night; hence, the tradition of mummifying the deceased.
  • The power of healing. The Egyptians most often relied on magic as their brand of medicine. They did have medical treatments too, but their primary method of treating ailments relied heavily on the supernatural.

Another belief not specific to ancient Egypt is reincarnation. Cultures around the world have beliefs concerning the soul of the deceased returning in a new form. Even today, some people believe they have recovered memories of past lives. The idea of the eternal soul coming back to life in a new body is important to the Reborn series, and I came up with it thanks to my life-long interest in all things weird.

As you read the Reborn series, keep in mind that the majority of the paranormal elements I included have a basis in history. We humans have, it seems, always loved the supernatural—and I hope we always will. A little mystery makes life more interesting.


PASSION NEVER DIES is available at a special price of $2.99.
(50% OFF the Regular Price of $5.99)
Offer ends Dec. 5,2016. Grab your copy today.

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Contest Date:
November 29 – December 5, 2016.

One lucky winner:
$10 Amazon Gift Card + PASSION NEVER DIES autographed paperback


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Get PASSION NEVER DIES today at a special price of $2.99.
(50% off the Regular Price)
Hurry! Offer ends Dec. 5, 2016.
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Google | Kobo | Smashwords

About Anna Durand


Anna Durand is an award-winning writer, a freelance librarian, and an audiobook addict. She specializes in steamy romances featuring spunky heroines and hunky heroes, in settings as diverse as modern Chicago and the fairy realm. Her romances have to date won eight awards and her novel Dangerous in a Kilt was chosen as Top Pick on The Romance Reviews. In her previous life as a librarian, she haunted the stacks of public libraries but never met any hot vampires hunting for magical books.

Visit the official website and blog of Anna Durand
Website: http://www.annadurand.com
Blog: Spunk & Hunks

Connect with Anna Durand on social media:
Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Google+ | PinterestAmazon

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The Ladies by Brenda Jernigan #Releaseblast @bkj1608 @bookunleashed

Tour Graphic

We are super excited to join the BOOK TOUR of
Brenda Jernigan

A compilation of three highly-rated, award-winning novels
in a single package.

Fast paced…
Full of suspense and adventure…
Charming and spiced with passion.

Purchase Link: Amazon.com

The Ladies Cover

Genre: Historical, Regency, Scottish, Pirates
Publication Date: November 14, 2016
Add to Goodreads

From the elegant ballrooms of 1800’s London, to the wilds of America, enjoy the spirited women as they tame their Rakes, and embark on marvelous adventures.

The Duke’s Lady

An American spy with a British birth, Adam Trent, the Duke of St. Ives, is consumed with gathering information to use against England’s navy. Despite the intrigues of war, the mystery of the lovely young woman washed ashore near his Cornwall estate is one he cannot resist. With the ragged remains of a treasure map concealed in her chemise and no memory of who she is and how she got there, the dark beauty is a puzzle.

Love Only Once

Bitter Betrayal – Jonathan Hird, Earl of Longdale, wants sweet revenge on Lady Elizabeth Trent for leaving him at the altar. After a couple of years at sea, Jonathan returns and forms a perfect plan for Sweet Revenge.

The Wicked Lady

When Trevor Claremont, the Duke of Chatsworth, is blind-sided by a pickpocket, he isn’t prepared for the feisty redhead who he finds is one wicked lady. Seeing a solution to his pressing problem of finding a bride to please his dying grandmother, he offered her a deal: marriage to him…or prison, never imaging that this little cut-purse would also steal his heart.

Excerpt from LOVE ONLY ONCE

“Come back soon, Lady Elizabeth,” Jeffrey said as he reached for the door handle. “And I’ll have my eyepiece in next time.” The buttler opened the door for her.

I will—” Elizabeth didn’t finish her sentence.

“My, my. Fancy seeing you here,” Jonathan Hird said to an astounded Elizabeth.

This wasn’t possible! Elizabeth’s mind screamed. Jonathan couldn’t be standing in front of her. Hadn’t his father just told her he’d gone to sail with Lafitte? Maybe she should turn and ask Jeffery if he saw Jonathan, too.

“Lord Jonathan,” Jeffrey said. “It is good to have you home, sir. You remember Lady Elizabeth.”

“Unfortunately,” Jonathan clipped.

Elizabeth promptly shut her mouth. Jonathan stood before her and he looked magnificent. His skin was darkly tanned, swarthy, and his eyes were hard. He’d been good-looking before, but now he was so much more so. He seemed bigger and bolder. He fairly reeked of sensuality.

Keeping his gaze fixed on her, he asked, “What? Nothing to say for yourself?” His voice was cold and exact.

She clenched her jaw to kill the sob in her throat. “I—I was visiting your father,” she finally managed to get out.

Jonathan leaned against the railing and stared at her, taking in her appearance. She looked well and beautiful. There was a glow of innocence and promise, but he knew better than to be suckered in by that. As his gaze traveled downward, he noticed she was breathing heavily. Then his gaze rose to her stubborn chin and those damnable eyes. She flinched and retreated a step.

He wasn’t ready to deal with Elizabeth yet. He’d intended to see his father, get settled in, and get some much-needed sleep since he’d not done so in two days. He hadn’t expected to see her so soon. The problem of Elizabeth would have to come later when he informed her of his mission.

Now he stood face-to-face with her and, of course, the guilt was plainly visible in her eyes. “I hope you didn’t make my father any promises you don’t intend to keep,” Jonathan bit out as he ignored the mocking voice inside him that wondered why.

Elizabeth flinched again. She could sense the barely controlled power coiled in Jonathan’s body. “No, I did not.” She should have realized he’d still be angry, but she didn’t want to face Jonathan at the moment. As she stared at him, she realized, much to her horror, that she still loved him. She had hoped that time would lessen her love, but that wasn’t the case. The love and the hurt were still there.

If possible, he was much more commanding in appearance than he had been when she’d first fallen in love. His shoulders seemed broader, his hair a bit longer. The arrogant line of his jaw told her he wasn’t happy to see her at all.

Elizabeth simply wasn’t prepared, but she had to say something. She swallowed and moistened her lips, forcing herself to settle down.  “Your father will be glad that you are home,” she said as she struggled to maintain an even, conciliatory tone. “How long have you been back?”

“I just arrived,” he stated curtly with absolutely no emotion.

This wasn’t her Jonathan. His eyes were cold, and the devilish personality that had always made her laugh was nowhere in sight.

It was gone.

Perhaps it was lost forever. Had she done this to him?

He shifted impatiently and crossed his arms over his chest “Your coloring isn’t good, my dear. One would think you’d seen a ghost.”

Her eyes grew wide as her gaze shifted. “Your arm! You can move it”

“Your observation is correct. I’m not the cripple you left at the altar.”

She felt a nauseating wave of despair. “I never thought of you that way.” Elizabeth’s throat tightened. “I—I must be going.”

“Of course. Running away is your style.”

He might as well have slapped her, but she deserved it. Tears stung her eyes, but she would never let him see them. She lifted her chin, picked up her skirt, and stepped quickly around him. She hurried out into the street, tears blurring her vision. She had to get away from Jonathan. Now!

She never saw it coming.

Praise and Accolades

Praise for The Duke’s Lady

“Ms. Jernigan plots an intricate tale of intrigue and patriotism, spiced with passion. Her characters are interesting, her plot moves rapidly, her love scenes are steamy.”

Praise for Love Only Once

5 Stars.
“Fast paced and so full of suspense I could not put it down! Don’t begin reading this one until you have plenty of time… Highly recommended reading from an outstanding author!”

Praise for The Wicked Lady

” Ms. Jernigan takes an old plot and makes it fresh and exciting. THE WICKED LADY is a dream maker and you will remember it long after you put it down.”


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Fun Facts


Five Fun Facts about yourself.  I’m retired.  I’m dyslexic.  I’m a redhead.  I’m easy going.  I hated reading when I was young.


Night or day writer?  I write on paper first. I have trouble sitting for long periods behind the computer – probably because I did it for so many – so I write 30 mins here and there unless I’m on a good scene and the words keep coming.  I’m not a morning person or an evening person.  However I do have several hours around lunchtime, which is my best time.


Quiet or music when you write? – When I worked – I use to go to the lake at lunchtime and write in my car.  That was/is my favorite time, because it is quite and nobody can bother you and you can’t see something else you need to be doing.  Sometimes when I am typing on the computer, I will put on Beethoven because it is smoothing.


Favorite food(s)? Steak and bake potatoes


What you’d never eat? Collards and I don’t care for mushy green stuff.


Coffee or tea? Both and I’m a Pepsi girl.


Favorite season? I like all the seasons but get tired of each one.  My favorite is fall and spring.


Favorite time and place to read?  In bed.  I love it when you are trying to stay awake to read 1 more page and the book slips from your hand.  Best way to go to sleep.



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Brenda Jernigan is a bestselling author. Her books have been nominated for many awards – Book Seller’s Best Award, The Maggie Award, The Holt Medallion Award and the RONE Award. Publisher’s Weekly said, “Brenda Jernigan writes Romance, Adventure and Magic.”

She grew up living the life of a tomboy – climbing trees, playing ball, and excluding starry-eyed romance from her daily repertoire. Brenda discovered the love of books while taking her son to Story Hour at the local library — she was hooked. She set an ambitious goal and began work on her first novel. She continued to write six more novels in rapid succession for Kensington Publishing. She figured having the same birthday as Ernest Hemingway couldn’t hurt.

She is a member of RWA, NINC, PAN, PASIC, and Outreach International Romance Writers.

Her books have been printed in several languages and her last book “Southern Seduction” written under the name of Alexandria Scott was printed in Russian.

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As eldest son, Eoin O’Brien is expected to take over the management of his family pub, the Lion O’Brien in the Bronx. Despite his da’s disapproval, he has achieved his dream of becoming a police detective. He also longs to have a family, but his wife Vivian left him three years ago to pursue her own dreams of working in an art gallery.

Now Vivian is back from California. When the gallery where she works is robbed and vandalized, their paths cross again. It turns out the attack on the gallery was personal. After Vivian is almost run down by a car, it is clear that she herself is the target, though she can’t think of anyone who would wish her harm.

Eoin and Vivian circle each other warily, each feeling the pull of the past and their still powerful attraction. But there will be no easy reconciliation. First she finds a way back into the O’Brien family’s good graces. Eoin, in turn, sees that he is partly to blame for her flight. Like his father, he is too quick to anger, too domineering. He must learn to give the independent Vivian her space. But above all, he has sworn to protect her. And if he gives her too much space, she may end up dead.

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About Corinne Scott

Corinne Scott was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Her parents were teachers, so of course she grew up to be a teacher as well, proving that the apple does not fall too far from the tree. Corinne has a bachelor’s degree from Texas State University and a master’s from the University of North Texas. She is passionate about books, which led her to her current occupation as a librarian and now author. Beginner’s Luck is her second novel, and the first in a series about the O’Briens of New York. Her first novel was Lover’s Oak. For more information, go to www.authorcorinnescott.com.

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I love this quote, Diana
“I’m wondering what to read next.” — Matilda, Roald Dahl