Product Review: Dr. Frederick’s Original Donut Cushion

Dr. Frederick’s Original Donut Cushion – 15-18″ Inflatable Ring Cushion for Hemorrhoid Treatment, Bed Sores, Coccyx & Tailbone Pain, Pilonidal Cyst, Perineal Pain, Pregnancy, Child…





About the Product

  • SUPERIOR CUSHIONING: The ring shape distributes body weight evenly without putting pressure on the perineum to help relieve pelvic, perineal, and anal pain. This allows for effective pain relief and healing of the affected area.
  • COMFORT & DURABILITY: Soft & durable material conforms to your body for superior cushioning while resisting punctures and leaks. Holds weight up to 330 lbs.
  • CLEAN & HYGIENIC: The synthetic flannel cover is hypoallergenic and machine washable providing you with a safe and clean cushion. As an added bonus, our cushion is made latex free. Rest assured your backside will be better off than it is now.
  • ODOR FREE: No toxic rubber smell like our competitors products. We hear customer complaints about the toxic smell of other inflatable cushions. We give your nose a break with our odorless material.
  • EASY INFLATION: Fast and easy inflation by mouth or with the included air pump. Other cushions are difficult to inflate and can leave you feeling short of breath. With our included air pump, you will always be able to inflate your cushion quickly and easily.


Product Description

Size: Regular – 15 Inches | Color: Red
The Original Donut Cushion helps redistribute your body weight over the ischial tuberosities (aka “sit bones”) to prevent pressure on the perineum or “pelvic floor”. CUSTOMIZED COMFORT The level of inflation can be varied to meet your individual needs–soft, medium, or firm.DURABILITY:
Compared to rubber ring cushions, The Original Donut Cushion is made from a super durable nylon PVC with a flannel flocking, which is more resistant to temperature, sunlight, drying and cracking.FEATURES:
– Soft & durable nylon material conforms to your body for superior cushioning while resisting punctures and leaks.
– Latex Free
– Maximum Weight: 330lbs.
– No toxic rubber smell like our competitors products.
– Small portable design fits in your pocket.
– Won’t crack like rubber ring cushions.
– High flow, easy inflate valve can be used by mouth or with a pump.
– Won’t leave impression marks on your skin.
– Won’t stick to your skin like rubber rings.



– Prolonged Sitting
– Bed Sores
– Pressure Sores
– Decubitus Ulcers
– Fractured Coccyx
– Tailbone Pain
– Perineal Pain
– Pilonidal Cyst
– Pelvic Floor Pain
– Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS)
– Hemorrhoids
– Hemorrhoid surgery
– Pregnancy
– Child Birth
– Episiotomy
– Anal Fissures
– Anal Tearing
– Anal Surgery
– Rectal Surgery
– Perineal Surgery
– Prostatitis
– Prostatectomy
– Prostate Biopsy
– Vaginal Surgery

11748559_10207286683509999_1096363200_nMy Review:

I have been looking for one of these donuts because a friend had told me it could help my lower back pain. I sit for long periods  time at the computer for work. I received it and of course my son wanted to “pump” it up for me. Was very simple. I am now sitting on the donut, I am feeling some relief on my lower back. It also seems to help me sit straight, which I am sure will help my back. This donut is light weight but feels strong enough to last a long time. The picture above is my chair with the Donut on it. It is pumped up about medium, the texture is soft. I am very happy with this.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review.

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