Jemma, Entertainment with Jem, Book 2 by Clarissa Carlyle #BookReview @ClarissaCarlyle

Jemma, Entertainment with Jem, Book 2 by Clarissa Carlyle


Who could imagine meeting the man of their dreams would fuel the biggest blogging rivalry the virtual world has seen?

When Jemma Larsen meets superstar hottie Daniel Starke it’s like Christmas and the 4th of July—all in one white hot moment—and they can’t keep their hands off each other! Jemma’s relationship with Daniel draws rival blogger, Ali, into a vendetta that spills over into real life and makes Jemma an internet sensation.

If that’s not enough, Daniel’s new gig is a reality show with his ex, Lexi, and his contract forbids him to see another woman during the run of the show. Well… heck! Now Jemma is sneaking around in back rooms, at clubs, anywhere—engaging in steamy liaisons with Daniel that leave her craving more.

When she has a nasty run-in with Lexi, then an offer from her nemesis, Ali, to form a partnership that will make blogosphere history, Jemma’s not phased. But betrayal from her own camp gives Jemma a reality slap that wakes her up with a vengeance. Her slow burn turns into a raging inferno… and heaven help the hapless souls who get in her way!

NOTE: This book contains some adult situations. 18+, mature audiences recommended.

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My Review

I can say that I am totally hooked on this series. I first recommend you read the first book before reading this one. What I love about this series is how Jemma loves her little brother and determined to take care of him. More on that in the next book.

Reality Star, blogger, Passion and Drama, what more do you need in a book?

This book deals with Jemma and the backlash she gets from another blogger Ali and from Daniel’s ex  Lexi who he is still in a contract with to do a reality show. I really love how the author wrote the story, I am drawn into the drama and wanting everything to go right. I love the characters and how they interact with each other and her little brother sounds so cute. I gave this book Five Stars.

I am ready to read book three.

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