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HuntingTaylorBrownbannerHuntingTaylorBrownOutlaw bikers, rogue police, brutal gangsters and a ruthless assassin converge in the city of Shoremont to claim the bounty on Ryan Hall’s head and recover the girl he rescued—Taylor Brown.

Taylor is the daughter of a powerful and calculating mob boss, Cameron Brown, who isn’t sparing any expense to know his daughter is safe and exact vengeance on those responsible for her kidnapping.

While the depraved maniacs of the city scrounge for their reward, Detective Jesse Wishman and Larry Manning must confront the mutual pain in their pasts if they hope to successfully resolve the case. When Manning’s daughter, and Wishman’s fiancée, was killed; it caused them both to spiral into obsession and self-loathing until they were forced to meet once again.

Join the estranged detectives as they attempt to defy the odds by clearing Hall’s name and uncover a conspiracy behind the disappearance of a child.

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1469614884Born in Regional Victoria, Australia in 1990, Rhys Hagan displayed a passion for creative writing throughout his childhood years.

After high school, he joined the Royal Australian Army as a rifleman to develop skills he will carry with him for life. His experiences have also enriched his perspective as a writer. He regularly draws on his time in the military as a source of inspiration for his writing.

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Excerpt from chapter thirty:


Without another word, the call disconnected. Win put his phone away. “He’s on his way. We should cover this up before he gets here.” His words didn’t reach Brown, who was crouched next to his henchman’s mutilated corpse, studying something. Win peered over his shoulder and saw him scanning a series of photographs. It took him a minute to comprehend what he was looking at.

“Mother-of-fuck,” Brown remarked. He ducked his head in dismay and handed Win the Polaroids.

There was a table set out with a plate and cutlery. On the plate was a large cutlet of red meat. He flicked to the next one; the table had several dishes laid out all with cuts of meat of various sizes.

“I found them in an envelope on his body,” Brown said.

The weight sitting in Win’s gut grew heavier. He was usually proud of the fact that he had a strong stomach but this was more than even he could take. The unfamiliar pangs forced him to clutch his torso as he came to terms with the fact that whoever had cut up his colleague, had also eaten him.

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