Happily Ever After

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As I was sitting here thinking about the books that I have read and most of them seem to be Happily Ever Happy. Yes those books are fun to read and can help take me out of a bad mood. But then there are a few that are not Happily Ever After and those books actually make me have to think, I have to  also try and understand what is going on in the story. Why did the author of the book decide not to have a Happily Ever After ending, I mean it can be done, but I am can tell from reading all the books that I do, that sometimes the not so Happily Ever After books are so well written and really can bring the emotions to me. I think it can be more of a risk for the author to do a not Happily Ever After story, I guess because the world isn’t always a Happily Ever After place.

I just wanted to share my thoughts on Happily Ever After stories, I will continue to read them as they do put a smile on my face. I will also keep reading the books that aren’t, and have to really think why that happened.

Have an awesome week.


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2 thoughts on “Happily Ever After

  1. Tammy says:

    I wish life was as simple as the books-stories that’s why we love to read to escape. Thanks you for always searching and sharing your many finds with us all you are such a blessing and very appreciated for what you do thank you for being a friend.

  2. DianaK says:

    Thanks, I love searching for books, and am so glad that you are my friend. Meeting because of our love of reading.

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