I found this off of an author’s blog and I thought it was good and thought I would share. These are my answers, you can check out D. E Haggerty for her answers on her blog



  1. What is your middle name? Kay


  1. How old are you? Over 50 but under 55


  1. What is your birthday? In April


  1. What is your zodiac sign? Aries


  1. What is your favorite color? I like a lot of colors, but pink is probably my favorite.


  1. What is your lucky number? 3


  1. Do you have any pets? A dog skipper and a few cats, The OC, Bella, Lucky, Ziggy, Pumpkin and Raven.


  1. Where are you from? Arizona, not sure why I live it, well because my family is here but this place is just too hot in the summer.


  1. How tall are you? 5-1


  1. How many pairs of shoes do you own? Maybe 3 or 4, I am not a shoe person, mostly a barefoot person.


  1. What was your last dream about? Seeing my deceased son when he was a baby. He passed away when he was 22 years old. I don’t dream about him often but when I do I cherish those moments.


  1. What talents do you have? Making a mess. Getting into a mess. I can be creative when I am in the mood. Of course that also makes a mess. I can plan a vacation.


  1. Are you psychic in any way? Sometimes.


  1. Favorite song? With or Without you by U2


  1. Favorite movie? Any movie by Johnny Depp, huge fan


  1. Do you want children? I have four boys. My youngest is 19 years’ old


  1. . Do you want a church wedding? Very small church wedding.


  1. Are you religious? Yes


  1. . Have you ever been to the hospital? Yes


  1. Have you ever got in trouble with the law? No


  1. Have you ever met any celebrities? Not that I can recall, but my son Justin RIP had met many in his career field. Does that count?


  1. Baths or showers? both


  1. What color socks are you wearing? None, but normally black so they don’t show the dirt


  1. Have you ever been famous? no


  1. Would you like to be a celebrity? No


  1. What type of music do you like? Rock from the 70’s and 80’s but I like all different types of music.


  1. Have you ever been skinny dipping? Yes, we owned our home and had pool, we could do what we wanted to. The kids were asleep.


  1. How many pillows do you sleep with? 4


  1. What position do you usually sleep in? Side


  1. How big is your house? Not big enough, but then again we have been watching tiny house builders and I am thinking my house is huge compared to those tiny house, I think my closet is the size of a tiny house. So in reality I wouldn’t want a bigger house. I am happy with the size.


  1. What do you typically have for breakfast? Cereal I love lucky charms, but don’t tell anyone.


  1. Have you ever fired a gun? Well a BB gun and Cub Scout Day Camp, I was a Den Leader, I didn’t do so good.


  1. Have you ever tried archery? Yeah not so good either, I wasn’t strong enough but boy those 8-year-old boys had no problems with it.


  1. What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without sleep? 48 hours I tend to push myself and as I am getting older it isn’t work out.


  1. . Do you have any scars? yes


  1. Have you ever had a secret admirer? I have no idea


  1. Are you a good liar? I have a good poker face I am told. I don’t know how to play poker though. I don’t like to lie either.


  1. Are you a good judge of character? Usually


  1. Can you do any accents other than your own? No, I try, I am told I have a Wisconsin accent and I am not sure how that happened.


  1. Do you have a strong accent? no


  1. What is your favorite accent? Australian, and Eastern Europe


  1. What is your personality type? I haven’t a clue.


  1. Can you curl your tongue? yes


  1. Are you scared of spiders? No but I don’t like them, I really am afraid of alligators, I am glad they don’t live in my area.


  1. Favorite food? Gourmet hamburger and fries


  1. Favorite foreign food? Mexican


  1. Most used word? Awesome until I can decide on a new word


  1. How long does it take for you to get ready? A few minutes. Put clothes on and brush teeth and I am good to go. I have a messy hair look so it doesn’t take any time for me to do nothing to my hair.


  1. Do you have much of an ego? Of course not


  1. Do you talk to yourself? Yes, I have too.


  1. Do you sing to yourself? Well I like to sing, but I am not a good singer so I only sing to myself.


  1. Are you a good singer? Not a good singer, I had a teacher in 6th grade tell me I couldn’t sing and so she wouldn’t let me join the chorus. I was really disappointed about that.


  1. Biggest fear? All my kids dying.


  1. Are you a gossip? Nope


  1. Best dramatic movie you’ve seen? I don’t watch  to many movies, I watch drama tv shows like Criminal Minds, NCIS, Law & Order and those types of shows.


  1. Do you like long or short hair? When I was young, maybe till mid 40s I wore my hair to my waist, I just got sick up it and kept cutting it shorter and shorter, it is now just below my shoulders and ready for me to get it cut again. I prefer a low maintenance hair style even when it was long it was still easy to do, I am just tired of wearing a pony tail.


  1. Can you name all 50 states of America? yes


  1. Favorite school subject? art


  1. Extrovert or introvert? Introvert, until I know you


  1. Have you ever been scuba-diving? No but I think it would be interesting as long as there are no alligators


  1. What makes you nervous? Being around people that I don’t know. I also get nervous when I don’t hear from my kids.


  1. Are you scared of the dark? I am a night owl, not afraid of the dark but I still like a light on so I can see if I get up at night. I really hate stubbing my toes.


  1. Do you correct people when they make mistakes? Not really, not a big deal unless it is work related and the person needs to know. I am pretty quiet and like to keep a low profile. I don’t like conflicts at all.


  1. Are you ticklish? Yes


  1. Have you ever started a rumor? No


  1. Have you ever been in a position of authority? Being a Mom is enough for me


  1. Have you ever drank underage? That was a long time ago but sure.


  1. . Have you ever done drugs? no


  1. Who was your first real crush? I remember my first crush. It was a long time ago.


  1. How many piercings do you have? Just my ears


  1. Can you roll your Rs? Not really


  1. How fast can you type? 50 or so


  1. How fast can you run? Why would I run? I don’t like to run.


  1. . What color is your hair? Blonde


  1. What color are your eyes? Bluish Grey


  1. What are you allergic to? Fish, penicillin, drama, and lately lots of drama.


  1. Do you keep a journal? Not really. I keep forgetting.


  1. Do you like your age? I am fine with getting older, as you age and go into different stages of life it is interesting.


  1. What makes you angry? When someone is wronged. When someone is hurt, mentally or physically. Bad drivers.


  1. . Do you like your own name? no not really, never liked it when I was growing up.


  1. Have you already thought of baby names, and if so, what are they? Well I have already named my babies. I always wanted to name a boy Justin and that is my first born sons name, I never had a girl but her name was going to be Rhiannon.


  1. What are your strengths? Patient.


  1. . What are your weaknesses? emotions


  1. How did you get your name? my parents liked it I guess


  1. Were your ancestor’s royalty? I think everyone’s ancestors are royalty


  1. . Color of your bedspread? Lavender I also love the smell of lavender


  1. Color of your room? Beige but I am going to paint it soon, not sure what color yet, but a neutral color so it would go with anything.

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  1. D.E. Haggerty says:

    Thanks for sharing. It’s an easy way to get to know someone. How does your dog handle all those cats? So sorry te hear about your son. I think you must be a very strong person.

  2. DianaK says:

    It seems the dog Skipper doesn’t seem to mind the cats at all, I guess he is use to them. He doesn’t really care, except he does like their food though. One of my cats think that all dogs are nice and he has gone up to a strangers dog thinking they would be friendly but they were not. He was ok, the dog that is because the cat can be fast. Thanks for asking.

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