Fancii 3X 5X LED Light Folding Magnifier Lamp with Stand – Portable Illuminated Handheld or Hands Free Standing Magnifying Glass



Fancii 3X 5X LED Light Folding Magnifier Lamp with Stand – Portable Illuminated Handheld or Hands Free Standing Magnifying Glass and Desk Light for Reading Books, Needlework, Sewing, Hobby, Crafts

Product Review: Magnifier Light

I find this LED Light Folding Magnifier Lamp interesting. I really like the way it is light weight, but that can be a problem with it falling down. The plus side it is easier to take with me when I need to use this magnifier. I have a very hard time seeing small or average print. Seems like something that happens as you age. The magnifier works awesome!! I can see small wording, like serial numbers and prescription bottles and even the directions on how to use this light.  I love the portability the light has and that it does fold up and I can put in my purse and not weigh my purse down.

I also love the light, I don’t always need a light but if I do, it does help to see better. I like that it is a 2-way light. One that you can use when using the 5x which is so nice to be able to see something small. I looked at a piece of jewelry with it and it was nice to see it so close that I think I can start beading again and be able to see what I am making.  Using the 3x with the light on I can still see up close to the jewelry and also reading.

I also think it is awesome that there is a choice of using 3 AA batteries or plugging into a USB port. I am sure the batteries will make it a little heavier, possible stronger. I didn’t not try it with the batteries. I used it plugged into the USB port but will try it with rechargeable batteries as I prefer them to non-chargeable batteries. I have the light sitting on my desk ready for me to use, which I know will be often because I do have things to read that are small print. I will say yes I do like this very much and can see it being very useable for me. I can see it helping me when I am reading a book, not a Kindle book, but a regular book since the print in books seem to have shrunk since I have gotten older. Maybe I need to go back to picture books but I still love to read and this will work out for me. I also do a lot of crafts and this magnifier with the light will work great so I can see the small intricate designs and not have to ask someone if it looks right. I can even take this with me to my crafting class since it is portable and I will bet everyone will want one. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review.


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