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Counting Stars by Jordan Deen

Counting Stars

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Book Title: Counting Stars
Author: Jordan Deen
Genre: YA
Release Date: April 3, 2016

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Love is a luxury for the weak.

At least that’s what Madison Nottingfield’s father always said.

Coming from a long line of old southern money, Madison has come to accept the uncomfortable job of helping her father in his pursuit of wealth and social status. But by the time she turns seventeen, she’s grown weary of being her father’s favorite way to gain power and prestige.

After being nominated to one of the few debutante positions in her affluent country club, Madison thinks her life’s about to hit easy street. If she can learn to stand on her own two feet, she wouldn’t need to succumb to her father’s whims. For once, she can do what she’s always dreamed of doing; she can’t wait to move forward with her secret plans of ditching her ballet slippers to sing at the year-end talent show—the most important event of the entire year.

All of Madison’s hard work seems to be falling in to place, until her conniving parents make a demand…

So unthinkable

So life-shattering

So vile

…it almost completely stops Madison in her tracks. Would their plans for her future kill the one thing she desperately desires?

Refusing her parents’ request would mean losing everything… family, friends, and her pedigree. But, giving in would mean turning her back on the only thing she’s ever truly wanted.


My Review:

Counting Stars by Jordan Deen is a very interesting story. Even though I can’t relate to Madison I do understand her. She comes from money and her parents have high expectations on everything she does. She is a ballerina, she has had etiquette classes, and more, everything that someone in their lifestyle does to prepare them to be married off to another family that has just as much money or more, more is better. I found it interesting that Madison had to escort sons of wealthy families for parties and events. Her parents were only interested in finding the right family, being seen with the right people. Because that is what is important in their lifestyle. Madison is pretty much trained to always do what her parents want no matter what and when her Dad forces her into a situation with a guy who is not in her crowed of friends at school, it is really hard on her. She wants to keep up her appearance (she of course is always worried how she looks) and not be seen talking to this guy who is not in her class. Of course something happens to change that.

I will say this was a fun and interesting book to read. I felt it was a quick read and was all in Madison’s POV. She is trying to find herself and has stuff to deal with like most 17 year olds. Part of me wants to say there needed to be more emotional drama but then again, maybe this is how Madison’s drama is. I am thinking that Madison really isn’t capable of more drama in her shelter life. I think that if there was too much drama, it could have just dragged out the story and could have lost interest. I guess what I am saying since it was all in Madison’s POV this book is good. Could have been interesting to have also read from the two guys in the stories their POV but that still didn’t take away from this story. I am giving it 5 stars because I loved reading this book and even though there is was more potential this story still has enough for me to totally enjoy it. I also thought the ending was great.

I want to thank NetGalley and Book Enthusiastic for a copy of this book to review for an honest Opinion. I received a free copy of a book in exchange for an honest review

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meet the author

Jordan Deen is an Award-Winning Young Adult and New Adult Fiction writer from a small suburb of East St. Louis, Illinois. Her novels are a mixture of urban fantasy, paranormal, and edgy contemporary. In her free time, she loves to read, bake, attend concerts, travel, and play with her two-legged and four-legged sons. She is known for her love of quirky clothes, multi-colored hair and has a fondness for tattoos, high heels and cupcakes. In addition, she is a tech junkie that can be found most mornings and early afternoons on her tablet talking to folks on Facebook and Twitter about books, current events and music.

Her debut novel, ‘The Crescent’ was a 2010 Reader’s Favorite Award Winner. Her third novel, ‘Breaking Lauren’ was a Texas Book Association Finalist in 2013. Her collaboration novel ‘303 Red Dead Lane’ was a finalist in the 2015 Reader’s Favorite Awards.

‘Life is about the journey…’

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