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  1. Lana Zatti says:

    “There is gap in human nature that can only be filled by human beings themselves.”

    On the track of Sunday The game and Fortuna The Saga of Wealth, Andre was born in the pages of my new book, Riding

    Among true facts and landscapes, Andre pedals the cities we inhabit, and their wanderings came to your blog.
    As a boy that learned almost everything pedaling, he recognized in your reviews ideas in motion.
    Let’s ride together in this new adventure!
    It would be a pleasure to send you a copy of this Brazilian title, and an even greater pleasure to receive your thoughts on Andre’s journey in a review.

    Send your address to: contact@riding.com.br and soon this adventure will be on your hands.

    Be inspired, read and comment!
    Cassia Cassitas

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  2. Joy Jennings says:

    Hello Diana,
    My name is Joy and I am glad you fell in love with your Kindle Fire I would be happy to send you an epub to add to your already overflowing collection! Yes I agree with you that moving is not fun, I have done it 80 times now (yes, eighty!).
    Please allow me to introduce my newly released memoir which I would greatly appreciate a review from you if you are interested.

    Title: I’m Not Your “Baby”: An Australian woman’s tortured life of sexual harassment and assault.

    Overview: In this suspenseful and riveting memoir about a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Australian beach girl, Joy faces the battle of her life against the not-so-friendly bronzed Aussie bloke.

    Through her raw, dark stories of frightening sexual assaults, shocking rapes, non-stop abuse, violation and street harassment, Joy Jennings shares of how she tried to make her way in her coastal home town, while being hounded, followed and tormented at every turn.

    Her powerfully moving story throws you into a world of tradies, hoons and bogans, who behave in the world’s most vile, vulgar and sexist of ways. With her candid and compelling recollections of being choked to within an inch of her life, having her car window smashed into her face, being stalked and having men rip the very clothes from her body, this memoir will not only keep you captivated, but also astonish you with every page.

    Readers will be taken on an unrelenting ride as they share Joy’s emotional journey. I’m Not Your “Baby” will have you fighting for our author who, with a determined heart, never gives up hope of finding love, peace and ultimate happiness.

    This is not a story about demonizing the Australian male, but one that humanizes the victims.

    For more info, please visit my website and/or contact me for an epub (or pdf if you prefer).

    This was written with the hope of being able to help other women, especially young women who can learn from my mistakes and to teach them how to protect themselves against male predators. It is even a larger hope that it can bring about new male attitudes and behaviours, especially in Australia, although it is needed worldwide.

    Hope to hear from you.

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