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I am Sophie Tucker: A Fictional Memoir by Susan Ecker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was attracted to this book because of the time period. I really like reading books that are early 1900s, and this book had pictures which where really great.

I still wasn’t sure what historic fiction means, I have found that it means that the piece is written 50 years after it happened, and the writers are going by research. For this book the writers state “it is 85% fact and 15% who knows”.

Besides wanting to read about this time period I found the whole book really interesting, yes the book can bounce around, but I didn’t find it hard to keep up. I loved the stories and am amazed at what the character Sophie Tucker lived through and fought her way to be the top. I am sure it can still be that way today as well.

I also loved the part where she finds out the history of how her parents came to the USA. I have family that came to this country as well and find those stories really interesting.

If you like to read about historical books with a view from the writer, meaning Sophie Tucker, then this is a book for you to read.

I was provided this book by Netgally for an honest review. 

What Goodreads says the book is about:

Features more than 90 beautiful color and 120 black and white period illustrations.

Part fairy tale, part crime novel, part rags to riches Hollywood myth, I Am Sophie Tucker tells the outrageous story of one of showbiz’s biggest personalities.

From 1906 through the beginning of television, Sophie Tucker and her bawdy, brash, and risqué songs paved the way for performers such as West, Monroe, Midler, Cher, Madonna, and Gaga.

“Sophie was like the Forrest Gump of the first half of the 1900s,” says co-author Susan Ecker. “She was close friends with seven presidents, King George VI, young Queen Elizabeth, Chaplin, J. Edgar, Capone, Garland, Jerry Lewis, Sinatra and every other notable of her era.”

Tucker tried to get her story published for nine years, without success. Undaunted, Sophie hired half a dozen ghostwriters, but she still had no takers for her no holds barred autobiography. Eventually, Doubleday published a sanitized version in 1945.

“After immersing ourselves in Sophie’s papers and surviving friends,” says co-author Lloyd Ecker, “this initial volume is what should have been the actual autobiography of Tucker.”

Though she obsessively documented her life, Sophie loved to exaggerate for dramatic effect. Over the years, she told multiple versions of each important event. At the end, not even Sophie knew the difference between truth and tall tale.

“This volume is 85% fact,” Lloyd explains. “The other 15% …who knows?”

I Am Sophie Tucker puts back all of the delicious bits nixed by Doubleday’s lawyers and throws in other Tucker show business dirt, intrigue, arrests, romance, murder, gangsters, and scandals. Now you can read it for yourself.

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About the Authors:

In 1973, Ithaca College students Susan Denner and Lloyd Ecker went on their first date to see an up-and-coming new singer named Bette Midler. Over the course of the evening, the couple fell in love with the Divine Miss M., her Sophie Tucker jokes, and each other.

Over the last forty years, the Eckers got married and had three children, and developed Babytobee. The sale of that business in 2006 allowed Sue and Lloyd to pursue their passion for bringing Sophie Tucker’s life to the page, stage, and screen.



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