Book Review; Find Me in Manhattan by Shealy James




Find me in Manhattan

By Shealy James


She wants freedom from life on the farm.
He wants to forget a life-changing tragedy.
She’s a student desperate to be taken seriously.
He’s a veteran trying to go back to ordinary.
She falls in love easily.
He finds it hard to feel at all.
A chance encounter.
A mirage.
A dream.
He tries to rescues her.
She wants to save herself.
It takes danger to bring them together…
…and fear to tear them apart.

Can they find love in a city known for heartbreak?

My review

Find me In Manhattan by Shealy James

Where to start with this love story, the above synopsis says it all, it is beautiful but it isn’t easy

and of course nothing starts out easy.

Start out with Sarah, a country girl from Alabama, who dreams of getting her graduate degree in psychology, while working on degree, she will be interviewing men and women who had treatment at the VA.  She is determined to do the best job, always a top student.

When she first arrives at the graduate housing, she wasn’t happy that she had to carry everything upstairs and of course a good looking guy comes along and helps, wow he seems like the perfect man. They are even going to be doing their graduate stuff together at the VA. Sounds like she has found her dream man, or so she thought.

When she comes out of the office after interviewing the Doctor she is going to be working with, she sees a man… is he real? Wow, it must be a dream, a mirage.

As Michael enters the office of Dr. Wright he sees her, is she real? Wow if must be a dream a mirage. Michael has his own issues suffering with PTSD, and other problems from the war. He saw her but didn’t meet her at this time, but she is his dream girl.

This story is written so well, I could feel for everyone in this story. The characters are well developed and it is just such a fascinating story that it is hard to put down, I didn’t even want the story to end.  I loved they way she brought up domestic violence, PTSD and other issues, these are so important and also shows that it can be helped. I felt this story touched on a lot of emotions and shows about the other people involved as well.

If you want to read a great story, and emotional story, a love story, a heartbroken story and more, this is it. I won’t tell you anymore but this book left me feeling positive when it was done.

Check out my previous link for this book:

Find Me in Manhattan.

There is an awesome trailer and playlist

 I love this quote, Diana
“I’m wondering what to read next.” — Matilda, Roald Dahl

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