About me

I was researching how to write an about me page.  Well it is so confusing, I am not a writer at all. But I really want to have an awesome about me page and well it is kind of hard for me to write about me.

First off I am a Wife, a Mom to four boys, a Mother in Law to one sweet Daughter in law and a Grandson. I live in Glendale, AZ, I have lived in this area for more than 23 years. We don’t move much. Nor are we planning on moving again. We did move about 3 years ago and that was so hard, we moved a mile and a half, in the summer. The temperature was never below 105 degrees, I felt bad for my husband since he did most of the moving. I am still looking for stuff. Oh and everyone asked if we were downsizing, no house is same size and is still full, I still have 2 son’s living at home. The grocery bill still is as high as it was when I had four sons living at home.

I am a huge night owl, I can’t seem to sleep during the night, and I sleep fine during the day. I have a day job, but it is in the evenings. I do most of my blogging at night. I started blogging years ago, I think around 2004, I still have that blog, and it is mostly for my crafts and whatever I feel like posting over the years. This new blog here will be mainly for my book reviews, Book blast and sharing books. Of course I reserve the right to post whatever I feel like posting.

I have always loved to read, I love to lose myself into a book. I love books, pages and the smell, I love to go to the book stores. Well a few years ago my sister in law got a Kindle, and I thought I would never use one because I prefer books with feel, I love to feel the pages.  Well a few years later my son Matt got me a Kindle HD Fire, wow I was hooked, I didn’t know there were free books. I had asked my friends on Facebook about finding free books and they told me. So I have many, many free books on my Kindle and I also have purchased many books as well. My Kindle is full, really full, I wish I could just read all the time. Unfortunately I get distracted and find other stuff to do. I am never bored. I have tons of stuff to do, reading, crafting, Facebook, my Facebook page called Top Kindle Books, (more on that later) watching TV, I have my favorite shows. The one thing left out is something really important, and that is going to Church. I have a strong belief in God and I do read the bible and love reading Christian fiction, but I read other books as well. One of my New Year’s Resolution is to go to church.

I left off other things, like cooking, sometimes I do that, but not something I like to do. Same with cleaning, I would rather read than clean. I wish I had a cleaning lady.

A few other things I like to do is Photography and Paintshop Pro, I will be posting some of my photos as well. I have a new camera that I am learning, it seems to have a steep learning curve, but I do love to learn new things.

Well I hope you like my about me page.


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“I’m wondering what to read next.” — Matilda, Roald Dahl